Lazy Love


Beach on Bohol Island, Philippines

In the clouds over the beach,

The wonders of the world.


In the sands, buried hands

And jewels yet to sparkle.


Oceans filled with pearls and promise,

A sky open to a return.


Shorelines of many colours and

Carved wooden Gods line the jungle trail,


All things envisaged

Refreshed in a beauty profound.


Our naked bodies in the waves,

The dark oceans carried us

In phosphorescence warmth and

Forces unknowable.


Our hearts warm and open,

Like buds they burst,

Free in the new world.


Here we passed many lives,

In a tin shack filled

With lemon trees and

Lazy love.


We live there still;

How do we lose such memories?

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Guardians of the World House



The Kogi Tribe, Columbia

Only the birds can leave the massif

As we study our planet in miniature;

Conquer the sky, fell the trees,

Bastardise augury

And what we reap is disease.


Where once there was richness

Now cities function, cities born in the mire,

Lost cities, where focus falls foul,

Built far from the awe of nature.

Where are our monuments to beauty?


Descendants of the flourishing conquest.

How can we take care of the world?

In the heart of the earth, her hidden folds,

We are touched by a silent empathy,

We seem young and all too

Aware of our cancerous dust

And darkness we have wrought.


Cutting the heart out of the mother,

Severing our ties,

How can we look away

As she bleeds for us.


The hunting season is coming to a climax,

The world is fertile, her blood is gold,

It flows within all life.


We were given the earth in harmony,

To take care of, to nurture

And bear witness to its unfurling



In this world house

We must listen to the teachings,

The wind tells a story

Opening our hearts to remember,

Now to resurrect our inner world

With divination born of heart.


We are running around, wherever we can,

Not knowing what to do,

Far from enchantment or the rituals of soul.

Scattering our finest thoughts

Until nothing is left and, as one,

Are worthless, meaningless.

The minerals we need

Are being robbed by malice

And misplaced rationality.


The earth is innocent before us,

A noble friend,

Our one true mother;

To be adored in her sacred moods

And turning complexion.


Green disciples fixed in glory;

The earth is shaking

Can you hear the omen?

Doesn’t it stir your blood flow?

See through the smoking mirror

And venerate what is with tender care.


All people the creation of one clay,

Free to love and swim the waters of life,

Envisage a better world

And honour those dreams

With honest sacrifice and sincerity.

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Real Warrior

The real warrior lives and dies each moment,

Every second a miracle disarmed; a holy war, a teardrop,

A noble death, a loving gesture.


No time to pause, no way to forestall

The unfolding jewels on a string;

Colourful the beads that reflect such a transient marvel.


Who wields the sword?  Who cuts the air?

Swept divine expressions over black canvas.

The sharpest edge enlightens the heathens vision,

A feast of showering, porous sparks.


Within plains of hollowed out time

The lonesome moon grows and deepens;

Filled with melancholy when looking upstream,

On the river, in the flow.

Leading us lightly and lucid,

Whittling circles to untraceable homes.


We stream together

Falling through the cracks we create,

Past the bows of fabled oaks;

In forgotten majesty we are expanding,

The weight of a white feather

And no more.


Passing through unknowable feats scented

With barley and iron,

Across the ripple lake sentence,

Out of sight.


The mighty firs stoop to take a peek

This alternate nature enacted,

Little wren is busy, not hidden from delight

Or far from the fields where a family feud

Returned life to the soil.


Not to remember one breath

Or wrap one self in what may come,

Breath comes and goes, without force,

All is one.


Real warrior, born without;

Swallow the sun, turn back to reality;

In light, far from the cries of sanity.

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The mohawk rider,

The brave;

Alone in the great plains,

No slave.



The lonesome cowboy,

The lame;

Forever seeking a land,

Bringing shame.


Follow the buffalo

Until the winter closes in,

Then rest in houses

Made of skins.


From this good earth

We cannot live as strangers,

Free to walk these lands

Banish tyranny that maims us.


When Cortez made his first cut

We bled as one nation,

Till the last drop leaves

We shall fight for our dreams.


To think of history

Smouldering still like ash,

When once we shone like the sun

And will again.

Standing true in the madness man made,

Traditions vital, not to fade.


There is no justice without forgiveness.

The words of our ancestors

Are caught in the wind,

Speaking from the hidden valleys,

An old drum sounding from within.


In this great expanse of the human heart

May we as one claim only peace

And end the war of him.






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Satish Kumar – Education with Hands, Hearts and Heads

How to be happy here?  How to live on earth in peace?  Where to start?

“Nature is not good or bad.  Nature just is.”

A couple of inspirational clips showing Satish Kumar explaining a new way of educating our children and our societies in general, explaining a more sustainable approach to a life in greater harmony with nature, respecting our great diversity which only highlights union, be who we are, embody our experience, be the change, become the leaders in a brighter future…….together we can change the world and we can start by caring for our planet, nurturing the soil, feeding our bodies, feeding our souls, then feeding our minds.

“We are all related, we are one, lets us celebrate that diversity!”


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Savitri – Sri Aurobindo

I recently visited Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India for the second time, a place I find deeply inspiring.  Auroville is a community envisaged by the sage Sri Aurobindo, a place free of binds to nations or corporations.  A work in progress, a place that strives to embody a new society based on sound ethics and virtue, a positive vision of how we could live in various degrees of harmony.  

I had not read Aurobindos poetry until recently and when I did, felt deeply moved by the potency and diversity of his work. Here are two small exerts from Savitri, regarded by many as his most profound and essential writing.


“and he saw like one walking into a dream

some timeless beauty and reality,

the moon-gold sweetness of heaven’s

earth-born child.”

“a few can climb to an unperishing sun,

or live on the edge of the mystic moon

and channel to earth-mind the

wizard way.”

“The two longing to join, yet walk apart,

Idly divided by their vain conceits;

They are kept from their oneness by enchanted fears;

Sundered mysteriously by miles of thought,

They gaze across the silent gulfs of sleep.”

“A marvellous sun looked down from ecstasy’s skies

On worlds of deathless bliss, perfection’s home,

Magical unfoldings of the Eternal’s smile

Capturing his secret heart-beats of delight.”


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A Peaceful Break


The way sweetness melts effortlessly from the heart eclipsing  all things,

The way infinity calls internally of a marriage with bliss so close,

The way we sit and wonder as majestic stars leave us disarmed.


To listen through the sound of rain, to become the grey clouds and clear sky,

To touch the earth, gently rested, merging with nature and the festival of seasons,

To seek love within the great furnace of creation and return with immutable nought,

To peacefully break the binds of earthly bondage and realise divine union in the feintest

Flaming rapture and flickering truth,

To meditate upon the mighty mountains floating in the vastness of the open seas,

To become immersed fully in the voyage of existence, at a point one step equals them all.

To no longer fear our shadows and this darkened revolution,

To transcend the minds rich veil and retire within the light of purest perception.


When the flow is felt, a gentle hand guiding, far beyond instinct and sense,

There can be no delay in the great surrendering.


Now we are freed, now we are inconceivable, now we are invincible,

May we as one alight, enticed by our inherent potential released!

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