‘People can do anything. Without people, you’re nothing.’


I’m Carlos Van Carlos in Brixton 15th March 2010 listening to the words of Joe Strummer.  He’s telling me to go out there and explore.  Get to know the people, make changes, grow.  Never standing still. 

With this sentiment, I travel to India and other parts of Asia on 1st April, looking for adventure and spice.  Enriching my life.  A lucky bugger wandering around. 

I’ve been asked many times, ‘Why are you doing this?’  Well, if you have to ask……………………….you’ll never know(?!#).  As good Joe said ‘The future is unwritten’.

I’ve never wrote or read a blog before, in fact, I’ve never really taken to the name.  This will be a ‘blog’ about me and everything else.  What is happening now on Earth?  I’d really like to know.  Everything. 

I am travelling a long way to see what’s up, no plan or expectations.  Get a feel for the extraordinary, witness amazing scenes of bizarre brilliance, dig for inspiration and joy, ride a tiger…..the infinite possibility.  Maybe discover blissful enlightenment under a banyan tree.  As I said, no expectations.   

This is going to be spiritual, indulgent, romantic, positive, factual (semi), autobiographical (mostly), nostalgic, self-righteous, inter-galactic, fruity, peaceful, confusing, amusing, sentimental, tasty, colourful, faintly pretentious, offensive, historically inaccurate, interesting, poorly written brilliance.  How can I hold back.  Take it as a warning.  It’s a trip.

I hope this is not rubbish and if you read some, it is never average. 

Namaste and Love XXXXXXX


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  1. 1

    mum said,

    Lovely to see you in India my Lovely Lee.
    Cany water melon.
    What a great start you have had to your journey.
    I will keep reading with interest.
    Love Always

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