The powers out again,  no creaking fan to offend my ears, dry my throat, skin crawling with sweat in the dark, dust and thunder outside, stale air within, on a roof overlooking the ganga, a forest, a mighty black cliff, birds disturb the peace with a song, what song? green horned plumed talons, new creatures everyday, alien trees and wildlife cross the path, monitor lizards head for the hills, disturbing leaves and looking on with coal eyes, flicking tongue, where am I and to what extent?  am I welcome?  am I contributing? strong legs, bright eyes, no booze in a month, meat a memory, cows my traffic obstucting brethren, curds and ghee, holy and shit covered, eating plastic from puddles, beaten by a man with one leg, his hollow crutches striking protruding ribs cage, sluggish and long-lashed, go cow, find nature, people will turn on you, taking the charras ladder, making you into pie.  The powers out, no lights or air, no room to breath, no hope for sleep, I rise early, saluting the sun, on a roof, body flowing , breath controlled, hands in namaskar, energised, brittle neck, older model, glowing orange, growing stronger with each breath, take this wisdom, no pearls for swine, stand on your head, with a blue throat, wearing a tiger, listening, question? one heartbeat at a time, a new wind coming, with brown feet, himalayan breeze, blood red, land of the gods upriver, near the sunrise.

Always dance


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