Green Man (Green Spirit)


The man in the tree is free, living up there in harmony, tamarind pods for long locks, old blue throat and the forests of timeless thoughts, higher than the sun, feeding animals from his kitchen, no force able to impede his growth, eating energy within and without, he shines, seeing in green forms, an ethereal emerald haze.

Tea leaves brew in mind, alone and full of empty fantasy, blissfully aware, the universe rests on his gaze, touching all things pure and whole, fearing only an end to clarity, an end to love, that holds all together.

Muddied water and illusion, orange carp coming up for air, tea leaves dance in mind, sitting cross-legged around the fire, smoking with the others, who have come far to these granite caves, they paint the sky with peace, in pure white silence.  The air is perfume, pine and ash scents the growing darkness.  Magic all around and everywhere.

Worldly rules lie somewhere below, near the stream, that leads to the scene, that leads to a series of huts, swimming in the tiger pool, concepts and illusions lay scattered like dead flowers.  He day-walks among the villagers, they sense the gentle breeze. 

In memory pages from a forgotten book, in time to be recalled, the dry bark removed once and for all, bare wood, for now buried in ignorance, good for the axe and bonfire, thoughts turning to knowledge, wisdom turns to liberation, from this tree of life.

Preyed on by the noble wolf called Maya, taking care not to move his eye, he sees all flowing by, on light he resides, in-between and above, sleeping on the astral waves, he dances on bronze leaves at the edge of the forest, wild-man! freeman! brink of it all, balanced on this branch himself, somewhere between nature and perfection.

Retreat, take the rainbow lotus, to be on the crystal lake in the pink ocean, leaving this home far behind, he takes up the golden trident and laughs at master moon.


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