Yesterday in Khaosan Road, Bangkok. 28th September 2010

Forks of Lightning.
Raindrops the size of ping pong balls.
Natural forces rage over another concrete jungle.
A scar, a fascinating mess.
Neater than India, European feeling.
Streets so clean I have a fetish to eat my meals from them.
Theres Boots here, good handcream.
Khaosan Road reminds me of one holiday we went on in the ’80’s to Scarborough.  Minus fish, chips and vinegar on the promenade and the black north sea. 

Dandelion and Burdock. 

Surrounded by the machinations and systems of mass tourism, mass consumerism, professionals at releaving you of you hard-earned pennies and bhats.
Has anybody here heard of William Blake! T.S. Elliot!
Meet good Irish girls near a stand that procalims ‘Fucking Good Beer’.  Selling beer and soft drinks, symbolising the style in this neon nightmare.
If Bob Marley ‘is’ reggae and Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘are’ rock, you have arrived.  If you are free, and know, you will leave.
Hookers wobble by, glass high heels, blue cocktails, fake eyelashes, lips, hair, fake smiles, fakers, brimming with fake. False, not natural, not correct.
People stutter by me, like extras from a vacuous HBO sitcom.  Pretending.
I visit a giant gold Buddha, a golden temple, radiant monks wear bright orange.
Clean room, clean bathroom, power shower.
I meet people, they talk of travel insurance, and television.  Inside my mind Van (the man) screams ‘it aint why why why why why why why, it just is’ again and again, over and over, until the rest fades.

I long for India, the people wandering there, exploring different levels and concepts.  Talking of many things.
Pictures of the ‘Royal’ Family everywhere (no comment due to fear of life time jail sentence).

Many men playing beautiful acoustic guitars stand out amongst the confused throngs.  They look like Jerry Garcia.

After no sleep in too long, I explore the Bangkok night.  Looking for a scene.  I cant remember finding it or getting back to my clean room, but I have arrived and will soon head for the ocean and the beach, a hut and peace in mind.

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