Adhere Blues Bar, 8th October 2010, Bangkok


David 'Honeyboy' Edwards - Last of The Delta Bluesman


All I need is a cold beer and a guy in a corner, picking at a guitar, maybe singing some blues, some folk, a little rock and roll! Yeah! Creating. I settle into the night, on a stool, under neon lights. ‘Do you want to feel good in the night, or good in the morning. I want to feel good all the time, I want to feel good 8 days a week.’ One man croons Cat Stevens ‘The Wind”, later a band crank up the volume and the blues come flowing out. If you don’t like the blues, you have a hole in your soul.  This is what they say.

A man wearing a bowler hat wants us to take him home, make him feel happy, puffing away on a harmonica sounding like an old steam train. People are beating away on chairs and tables, feet are being stamped, Im slapping my thy, toes atappin’.  The whole bar is boogying along.  Knocking back shots of Jack or Jim or some local moonshine.  Buddy Holly, Howlin’ Wolf, Keith Richards all look down from the wall, a sitar sits atop the bar. I like this place, Ive found my spot, everybody is smiling or singing, talking about Woodstock, talking about changing the world with peace and a community vibe. Yeah I like this place. It’s a scene.

The Thais know how to let it all hang out, people swap and change instruments, many people grab the mic and wail along. Protest songs are hollered.  Bags of talent and passion in this tiny place.  Barmaid/man, hand me a cocktail with an umbrella in, I’m feeling mighty fine.


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