Artist Party International- Adhere Blues Bar, Bangkok


Peace Dove, World Love

C’MON EVERYBODY – Open your heart and your head!!!!
This is not a political party.
They need your help to create a new society. With peace and harmony. No leader nor follower, because we are all leaders!!!!
Everyone is awake and seeks confidence from self understanding to gain wisdom and responsibility through which we act in the right way. Everyone rules and takes care of themselves – their community-society and all life on this planet. We share our happiness and welfare together. We respect each other and realize that when one suffers we all suffer.
Our Mother Earth host our human family, one family of people. Oppression, plundering, war, poverty and ignorance are the enemy of all living things. Everybody has the duty to act together to stop the power of the unjust governments controlled by greedy, monopolistic capitalists who will destroy our life support system our planet. The Artists Party will create a society with peace, freedom and justice for all. Artist Party International 2010.
Check them out on Fakebook.


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