We cannot stand for a situation which compromises the education of a nation, there is no future for this rapidly failing system. 


Billy Bragg said recently:

” socialism…is nothing unless it is at heart a force of organised compassion”.

Bragg spoke about his social ideals, that “none of us will get to express our individuality unless we are recipients of free healthcare, free education, decent affordable housing and proper pensions. That’s my socialism”

and Tony Benn, still leading the way forward.

I am in Cambodia and all this is seems far, far away.  Here I sweat, there you freeze.  The problems and challenges of daily life here for a Cambodian are a very different proposition to what is occurring in England.  Cambodians have reminded me that people can do anything if they want, rebuild a society, a culture, with a smile.  Still facing huge difficulties, poverty, inequality and oppression.

I have recently read a survey that names Britain as the worst country to live in Europe and its going to get worse!  I have lived there and I know this already, especially after they (they being the ruling elite) took all of our money and dressed it up as a surprise ‘financial meltdown’.  Now they are taking our education and with it our future and intellectual diversity.  The richness and depth of our culture.  What they really want is universities that pump out little capitalists who will keep the money cogs ticking over nicely, no room for the ‘luxurious’ arty types.  But this may all be changing.

It looks like the students have sparked something, kicking up the fire and hopefully watching it spread.  Direct action, but NO VIOLENCE please.  If you want to change STOP. Don’t throw eggs at the monarchy, they are completely irrelevant (although their continued existence is curious.  They must go the way of the Maharajas and soon).  Get out on the streets and sit down. STOP CONSUMING. Pretty soon they will listen. Otherwise they will make all large protests, hoody wearers or bandanas outlaws. Hit them were it hurts, STOP BUYING. Smash Top Shop from the inside up, by not going.

Nothing I have read and seen has got me this passionate for social and political change since the banks, corporations and governments robbed us of our money.   Having attended the demonstrations in London, I witnessed first hand the apathy of the nation.  There were less than half of the expected numbers and most people went home because it rained.  Leaving Mark Thomas etc in Hyde Park, on a huge stage, to speak to a few hundred people.  They took your money, what most people hold dearest and you did nothing.  Now the obvious consequence of us losing more than mere pounds and pence, the knock on effect of human greed, the erosion of great institutions (NHS).  Non of this is new, but there has been a shift in our societys conscious.  Are we waking up?  Are we about to fight the oppressors?  Can we see the truth?  The way the system, the government is working against us, keeping us dumb and docile whilst they wage fake wars and feed us lies.  Will England now be an inspiration to others?

You can never trust a politician, and a Tory is an even lower form.  At least Ed Milliband has a few seemingly old school Labour principles.   The time is now friends.  Change is infinitely possible, you have a voice and are free to use it.  There are over a 100 universities in Britain, some numbering over 30,000 students.  When I heard the figure of 20,000 protestors on the streets of London, my initial thought was, what are the rest doing?  Most students I know are already in a cycle of debt that keeps them tied to the mechanisms of a state capitalist society.  Just earning enough to pay off their loans and the odd curry.    Do you not want a better future for the new batch?  Lets get 500,000 outside parliament, for a week, bring the country to a standstill.

Its starts with the students, the educated elite, people who have the intelligence and privilege, who can look slightly further into the future.  People who understand the implications of government policy and the erosion of democracy within their community.  They have yet again invested their passion, energy and enthusiasm behind a just cause.  Yes it is with a degree of self-interest, but they are mobilising and making a change.  Now I hope that it continues with force and commitment, let this be a catalyst for a new Britain, a new society, a new world.  Think big damn it and believe in better days!

You may have 20 years of so to pay off a loan, but it is still your money and your right as a Brit to a decent affordable education, previously free.  The cycle of debt cannot be escaped and ultimately leads to a loss of freedom.  They will tell you that not everyone can go to University.  I say, why not?   The more educated people, the better.  Surely.  Educated people are generally not so ignorant.

We have one of the highest military spending budgets in the world (little island that we are).  Do we still think we are an empire?  Who will we invade next?  Iraq surely ended our imperialistic ambitions.  If we sacrifice the building of yet another nuclear submarine, how many people will that put through Uni?  What is this anyway, the Cold War?  Unfortunately reading recent reports about Korea, Japan, Russia, Iran etc this may not be too far from the truth, a global cold war ahead.  Look at what democratic countries, or forms of democracy, are doing to the world.  Apparently, we, the people, have the power.  Apparently they are representing us.  Is this what we want?  Can this nepotism, divided view, continue to pull the world and its people apart.

Violence will never work.  But I can understand that when you are faced with no other options, no viable means of protest, it seems the only way to get your message to that cretin Cameron and his mob. YOU HAVE TAKEN MANY PEOPLES EDUCATION, OUR FUTURE. Of course, the vast majority of Tory voters (aka middle class mediocrity) will not be affected by such changes.  We are culturally a nation of rule followers, but we have historically been at the forefront of great social changes.  Let’s kick start something here.  Well, you’ll have to do it for me at the minute, I’m in Siem Riep.

I was there many years ago when New Labour first introduced tuition fees, well not that long ago actually. We sat in Strathclyde Uni and marched a little, sat again, but to no avail.  We tried, but now I see that we didn’t try hard enough.  For long enough.  I learned then that protest needs to be organised and so commited, I take my hat off to anyone involved in that form of activism, I didn’t have the staying power.

Brothers and sisters, continue with force.  How do you guys feel?  I am a world away, but still miffed.

I realise there is a whiff of hypocrisy here on my part, having effectively opted out of England.  But not being a hypocrite in life seems a very tough task and I at least I care enough to write something, I could be riding my bike around Angkor Watt.

I leave you with Dennis Skinner, giving it to some of the turncoats and liars:

……….and the changing face of the BBC.  Institution vs Change.  Man dragged from wheelchair yet police overtly defended.  Condescending in tone.  Completely insensitive.  Completely wrong (highlighted by Jody’s articulate answers).  How would Trevor Macdonald have acted?


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