Red Dragonfly Monday

Mr Dragonfly

Red Dragonfly Monday



Hear this!

Lazy dragonfly.

With a million and one jade pieces,

resting in your eyes.

Elegant wings held high,

like myriad crystals reflect,

the light from above and below,

and the balance of a pure natural flow.

It’s seeds taking root on a full moon night,

that which burns in a snowflake,

and breathes in the soul,

and never tells.

Sun flowers

Weightless you sit,

as I move towards you to take a closer look,

You show no fear.


Without a move or a murmur,

you begin in stillness,

with diamonds trapped in your wings.

How long do you live dragonfly?

And what do you do at night?

Do you see me for what I am,

or what I am not.

Do you see my edges or the space in between?

Can you feel the fascination

for what you are?

And when the storm comes,

do you ride the lightning without care?

For life or death,

or just reckless abandon.

Still pond life

Are you rich or poor?

Do you know of beauty within or sin?

Would you fly towards the sun for love or fun?

(Returning home one day to tell the tale,

of the time you brushed against the fiery surface,

with your fragile red tail.)

Do you use this grace in wise ways?

And in the hornets nest, do you choose not to fight?

For in the power of sitting,

and showing bravery and patience,

your majesty Mr Dragonfly,

you are teaching me how to be?

Together one earth,

one kind,

No differences to witness and no fears to hide.

As our two worlds collide,

in a million and one opal eyes.

But are you lazy?

Or just waiting?

Do you care?

Are you effortlessly more aware?

Dragonfly Fishing

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