THE ‘LONELY PLANET’ BOOK, Hoi An, Vietnam, 18th May 2011

Welcome to the worldXXXXX

This book has changed the youth and vital ones.

Some thoughts today:

A plea to all who ‘travel’.

The Lonely Planet is misguiding, don’t trust it.

Its a package holiday waiting to happen.

Its the wrong bus.

It’s never lonely.

Take solace in yourself.

You are surrounded by friends wherever you go.


Let go,

Of the book,

Of the rules.

There is no guide out here.

You are not here to be back there.

You are here to forget what you knew.

Make your own way through the crust.

Those shapes and that deluded feeling of control.

There is only a path to experience and untapped potential here,

where everything seems possible.

Wild flowers bloom in wild places.

Look for freedom elsewhere.

Seek adventure along empty, dusty roads and in other creatures.

There is a secret I was once told.

‘You are free’ he said (not God, a fruit vendor in Marrakech).

So I trusted this.

And then there is nothing to fear.

Faith in others.

Faith in it all.

Now thats a trip!

Truth is, if you follow the Lonely Planet. You will only meet others like you and we are not ready to meet ourselves. Not yet, not on this fair raft.

In a time before the book, people had great holidays and never missed a trick.

Nobody I have ever met who is truly amazing has ever believed in a Lonely Planet.

Let me put it into context and it is for this very encounter I feel this way.  A guy I met earlier, his nose in ‘the book’ commented that his favourite part of travel was the planning.

This river is full of song and dance.

Dive in and play.

Don’t worry.

Lets change the universal mind.

‘Turn some keys, set some people free, with a suitcase and a song’ J.M.

Have a nice tripX

PS – Lets collectively stop saying we have ‘done’ a country,

its way off the mark.

A better 'guide'


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