20th May 1978 My Bday (Cher’s between Ho Chi Min and Doomsday), Maydaze…

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes, you are a magic bunchXXXX  I cant get on facebook in Vietnam, but its great to hear from you shiny guys.

Im spending it with a grand gang in the bars and fish restaurants of Hanoi.  I also have a bottle of good Aussie Pinot Noir. 

May is an active time.  Named after the Roman Goddess of fertility Maia, it begins on the Pagan day of Beltane, the first day of summer.  There are maypoles and my sisters birthday, 12th (30!!! This year Laura).   Spring is in the air.  Or Autumn, depending on which side your on.  It’s the Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness Month, Gautama Buddha passed away on the 17th, the Veska full moon, Buddisms holiest day.  May 25th is is ‘towel day’ a tribute day to the great Douglas Adams (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

It’s the day before doomsday according to some people on Family Radio (http://www.familyradio.com/index2.html) and the birthday of Mr T and Notorious BIG. 

Ho Chi Min’s birthday celebrations were yesterday along with Malcolm X, Pete Townsend, Joey Ramone, Grace Jones and Andre the Giant. 

Today, my birthday, I am in good company.  Cher, Busta Rhymes, Bronson Pinchot (aka Balky Bartokomous in Perfect Strangers), Joe Cocker.

I’ll be raising a glass or something nice to all the special sorts in my life tonight (thats youX) and send you peaceful love and all the finest in life.  


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