The Sadhus of Gaumukh, The Ganga’s Source, Uttaranchal, India, May 2010


Sadhu pointing towards the glacier

Baba before Gaumukh (the source of the Ganga)

Chillum with the Babas

Baba Giri

A rare Sadhu couple, Uttaranchal Yatra Peak above Tapovan

Gaumukh is the source of the Ganga (Ganges River) that cascades out of a crystal blue glacier.  The walk to the source is an important yatra (pilgrimage)for all Hindus, especially Sadhus ( Many make their dwellings in the mountains and valleys above and surrounding Gaumukh, practising yoga, austerity, forms of purity and enlightenment.  The valley is cut off for most of the year due to deep snow and freezing conditions.  All photos taken by Ben and Tamara (my camera died)X  Bom bhole nath!

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