‘Millennium Times’ A Poem by Robert Turner

Robert Turner was Bobby, my granddad.  A miner in Murton Colliery, Durham for most of his life. He wrote this in 1999 in his late 60’s.  He enjoyed gardening, painting, writing and chess.  He also made the best tongue and philedelphia sandwiches.

Millennium Times

A hundred years of mining quests, the pit embers laid to rest.

Sleep ye seams which gave us life, but there was peril!  loss!  and strife.

Mining revelations near its ebb, no miners needed in the web.

No more sharpening of the picks, no more trimming of the wicks.

Into the Internet must we go?  What can it offer?  to and fro.

Then less we forget and without time, when we were further in the mine, as we bent beyond the gate, where the tree etchings, caught the lamp light wake.

Millenium of years when they were free, but now caught!  entombed!  like we.

But yesterdays history, now we are few, millenium bells ring in the new.

So miners rest ye weary souls, at least we get our share of the coals.

This was Bobby’s favourite song ‘Born Free’:

‘Born free and beauty surrounds you

Its time you look at a star

Stay free where no walls divide you

Your free as a roaring tide so theres no need to hide

Born free and life is worth living

But only worth living cause you are born freeeeeeee!!!!!!!XXXX’ 


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  1. 1

    Abigail said,

    Hey Lee, what a nice tribute to your grandfather. What made you post about him today? Because….. today would have been my own grandfather’s 98th birthday, and I actually wrote a blog post today, in his memory. interesting eh? http://tofuandflowers.blogspot.com/2011/10/remembering-grandpa.html
    Have a good one, friend!

  2. 2

    leroywatson4 said,

    Cheers dear friend, I trust all flows well over your way. I love the blog, we are eating vegan here (a few omlettes though) due to it being tasty and vibrant. Im in the land of the ancient Celts and autumn is a time to reflect on your ancestors and spiritual heritage. My grandad had a great knowledge of history and religion. You would have liked him. I will be sampling this apple pie recipe soon. Im off to bake some corn bread, the life of an unemployed westerner is going very well! Happy Grandfathers Day (everyday).

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