Marko Rodin and Vortex Maths

Hello Light Ones,
This is for people who like numbers (I don’t, but can still grasp ‘it’.  ‘It’ being utterly massive) and inherent infinite potential.
It is a huge, fascinating subject.  I’ve stuck a few links and videos below that will hopefully shed some light.
A good overview of Marko Rodins work thanks to a forum on David Ike’s website:
This video is a little all over the place (Jodie Foster?!), but Marko Rodins Vortex Maths theory (based on others) is something to ponder…………
A video marathon, quite a charismatic chap:
20 videos, but well worth a watch.
Marko Rodin cannot be found on Wikipedia?  He seems to be doing something interesting, is a celebrity of sorts and of certain interest to the public (thousands of hits on his website, youtube clips etc) and is respected by many scientists.  I’m surprised he hasn’t created enough of a ripple to be on the mighty Wikipedia?!
More words explaining the basis of the theory:
“In every age there is a turning point, a new way of seeing
and asserting the coherence of the world.”
— Jacob Bronkowski
Special thanks to Texan Eric in Laos for getting me onto this trail.

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