The Pineal Gland (The Third Eye), Chakras and Solfeggio Frequencies

Please watch on full screen with a peaceful, open mind.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all telepathic and are constantly emitting subtle vibrations.  If we are sensitive, we can become more aware of the vibrations given off by people, nature and the universe in general.  Sensitivity stems from stillness; a peaceful state of being, where understanding energy and its effect on ourselves and our environment; both locally and universally, is more apparent, even tangible.  Our world is vibrant and full of light, colours are brighter, smells more vivid, wonderful people are drawn to us, life becomes full of beauty.  We move closer to nature and our own true nature.  Our senses are processed in the brain, it is essential that it is uninhibited by chemicals or agents that would dull our consciousness, our awareness of this moment, the beauty of existing.

The pineal gland is responsible for the excretion of many beneficial chemicals that, if uninhibited, would lead to a better state of being and a greater understanding and connection with universal truths.  On a physical level, a healthy pineal gland results in a more relaxed body and mind.  A mind that would be more receptive to the true nature of reality and the state of the world we live in, especially the absurd systems that govern us and keep us down.  Those who maintain our heightened state of confusion, apathy and general lack of connection with what it is to be human, alive and free.

The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland, the size of a grain of rice,  in the vertebrate brain, its main function is to produce melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/ sleep patterns (circadian rhythms or body your clock) and seasonal functions.  Its tucked in a groove, between your two hemispheres.

Ancient carving of two Snakes (representing Kundalini energy) ascending towards what appears to be a pine cone (representing the pineal gland)

This gland resembles a pine cone in shape.   It is easily seen in xrays due to it often being calcified.  This calcification if caused by fluoride and calcium phosphate.  fluoride is added to the tap water in may parts of the U.K. and U.S. (incidentally this is banned in Europe), this is mass medication without consent and most prominent scientists are either apologising or completely against this immoral activity (see my piece on ‘Drugs in our tap water!  How the government are poisoning the masses’).

In some vertebrate fossils, there is an opening in the skull around the pineal gland, the ‘third eye’.  In non-mammalian vertebrates the pineal gland shares the same photoreceptor cells as the eye, sensitive to light.

The pineal gland has profuse blood flow, second only to the kidney.  This differs greatly from the rest of the brain which is isolated behind the blood-brain barrier.  This also makes the pineal gland susceptible to the calcification, by fluoride, mentioned earlier.

Disruptions in the efficiency of the pineal gland can lead to SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) and other circadian rhythm disorders (  These rhythms also play a major part in reticular activating systems which are crucial for maintaining our state of consciousness.

The pineal gland will shrink if not exposed to natural sunlight.  Hence the greyness, low energy and lack of joy evident on the streets of most overcast, cloudy parts of the world.

One of the pineal glands main functions is the release of beta-Carbolines.   These alkaloids are widespread in plants and animals.  Some of these beta-Carbolines are present in the hallucinogenic drug ayahuasca, they prevent the breakdown of dimethyltryptamine making it psychoactive.  Benzodiazepine is produced, another psychoactive drug, discovered accidentally in 1955 and marketed from 1963 as diazepam (Valium).  Benzodiazepines enhance the effect of certain acids that result in sedative, hypnotic, anti-anxiety, muscle relaxant action.  They are therefore helpful when treating anxiety, insomnia, agitation, seizures, muscle spasms and alcohol withdrawal.

In metaphysics the pineal gland linked with mysticism and is now deemed to be a physical eye that can see beyond space-time.  Today it is associated with the sixth chakra which is linked with prophecy and  increased psychic awareness as consciousness ascends.  Here is website that explains chakras (with nice pictures) well worth a look.

The pineal gland is located at the geometric centre of the brain.  It is activated by light and works closely with the hypothalamus gland which controls thirst hunger and sexual desire.  When it awakens, one feels a pressure at the base of the brain.

The physiological function of the pineal gland has only recently been discovered, but mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long known it to be the link between the spiritual and physical worlds.  It is known to be the home of all divine thought, known as the ‘light in the head’.  Development of psychic talents has always been associated with this organ of higher vision.

The Seven Chakras (energy centers located around the spine)

Activating the ‘third eye’ raises one’s frequency and moves consciousness to a higher state.  This can be done primarily through meditation.  Planetary vibration/ frequency is accelerated exponentially and will continue to rise until consciousness evolves away from the physical.

This is a video relating to Solfeggio frequencies that relate directly to the pineal gland:

These frequencies have effects on everything.  EVERYTHING.  From numerology to astrology, to cells, to our brain, to the very make up of our reality (sound, light and water) and nature of being.

Here is a brilliant site for Source Vibrations, where you can download many different inspirational images and sounds, like the ones found up top and below.  There are free samples to be had, but many of the full videos are available on youtube.  I have sat for while before watching, meditating, quieting the mind, then watched these videos, on full screen with decent sound quality and found them very soothing.  Within the images and music, I find space for the mind to relax and focus.

These concepts are not deemed ‘normal’ and this information sometimes uncomfortable because we are indoctrinated from birth.  Brainwashed by the system (the few invisible ruling elite) with its news, media and enforced social norms.  They tell us their version of reality and narrow our vision and ambitions to a state where all we are good for is consuming, contributing to their financial and industrial systems, never asking why?  Completely detached from what we really are.  What our true potential is.  The truth is, we are infinite and don’t let any group of patriarchial, masonic cronies tell you it’s any other way.  These few may control our bank balances; our minds (to an extent) and our sense driven, material concerns, but our souls are free and can never be captured, packaged and fed a huge pack of evil lies.

The truth is within us all.  This is not some new age notion, this is science lovely brothers and sisters.  Well, some of it anyway.

Love (Living One Vibrational Energy) and Positive VibesXXXXX

PS – Get yourself a reverse osmosis water purifier asap and keep your third eye shiningX


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  1. 1

    Bill Pevins said,

    Just an FYI, you’re font is too small for folks to read. It should be around 14 pixels and no smaller. If you want you’re readers to enjoy your website and the knowledge you spread – you should have it as readable as possible.

    I’m a web developer in the user experience field, this is a general rule of thumb. You also may want to tone-down the background color. It’s overly bright and your page lacks contrast of elements. The right sidebar text shouldn’t match your background, it looks horrible and is incredibly hard on the eyes.

    • 2

      leroywatson4 said,

      Thank you for the comment Bill. I’ll take it on board, but outrageous turtle green suits the turtle just fine. Maybe I’ll look into making the font a little larger. Did you manage to read the post? Peace, lee

  2. 3

    ybertaud9 said,

    Bravo Leroy! A well written concise article, this is precisely what we all need to be aware of… true consciousness. Calcification keeps us detached and away from our true connection to source & the universal, and fellow man. Blessing, Yolanda

  3. 5

    leeannkinney22 said,

    Excellent article. I’m planning a spiritual retreat to South America soon to experience ahuyascha! So many people out there uncomfortable With psychic & spiritual progression and I wish these topics where more mainstream!!!
    Thanks Leroy!

    • 6

      leroywatson4 said,

      I missed this comment. Here, here! Experimentation with consciousness is essential for evolution. How can we progress following these out moded patterns of behaviour that are destroying the joy in our own lives and the health of our planet? We can do better. I think that focusing on matters of a spiritual nature and understanding the heritage of shamanism in all cultures will be a huge wake up call to many people. The only way to really know, is to try, so enjoy South America! I’d love to hear how it goes? Where is the place anyway? I’ve heard of a few ahuyascha retreats in the amazon. Peace and Light

      • 7

        A friend of mine attended “blue morpho tour”, but, I’m still in the deciding phase right now and looking for a partner to join me. He said the establishment wasnt what he expected (which is true about many experiences of life) but he suggested trying elsewhere. Do you have any suggestions?
        I live in the Canadian Rockies and have seen “magic” mushrooms many times on my hikes especially in British Columbia. What are your thoughts on mushrooms vs Ahuyascha?
        I really love everything about this article and would love to chat further with u on these subjects, personal experiences and journeys you have taken:)

      • 8

        Leelee6296 (skype)
        My friend went on blue morpho tour but wouldn’t recommend it. Have you been do you have any suggestions for a great experience in South America? This whole article is a big interest of mine unfortunately I never get enough time to relax and study all of the areas associated with your article. I’m planning on soon taking a leave from work and seeing what’s out there in the world. To hear any stories or experiences journeys that you been on in regards to spiritual enlightenment and psychic ability.

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