Anarchism 101 with Noam Chomsky

Not exactly the Sex Pistols version!  But a good introduction to modern Anarchism.
Culture (namely reading, art, writing, craft etc) has been diminished by illegitament industrial systems/ corporations, backed by our governments. Our ‘cultures’ are poorer than they ever have been.  In medieval times in England, we hardly worked.  There were feudal system, but the master didn’t work you like a dog.  You had plenty of time for merriment and mead.
I remember being, what is called here a ‘wage slave’ by Prof Chomsky, I talked more about what I’d like to be doing, as opposed to actually doing them. Does that sound familiar? I was richer in money, but poorer in life.
Where would we be without this system of government? Is it time for a change? That is my idea of Anarchism.  Always questioning people and institutions who put wealth before health and happiness.


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