Naked Yoga

This is an interesting subject.  The article is taken from the excellent Yoga Wellbeing site (  They run classes and retreats in the U.K. and also organise international retreats.  
So, naked or not?
Naked yoga

Stripping off has been said to bring a certain intimacy to yoga, a feeling of freedom that can sometimes get lost in the a clinical studio in London.

What do you think? Do you think the naked yoga offers more freedom in our practice?

When asking one of our clients (who would prefer to remain anonymous) recently tried out a session in New York and spoke about the psychological benefits to naked yoga, but not physical ones. ” It made no difference to me practicing yoga naked, even though I The sense of freedom is not a physical, it’s a psychological.”

“If you’re wearing loose clothing or spandex, there’s nothing to stop you from doing all the postures or stretches or movements in yoga with the proper clothes,” said Janet Konefal, assistant dean for complementary and integrative medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

However, we have spoken to one an attendee of an all male naked yoga group. He admitted that you have to be selective when you choose your class but sees no harm in practising naked and prefers to attend all male groups as he would be slightly uneasy attending a mixed group.

All in all, I think Yoga Wellbeing and Holidays will remain fully clothed.

What do you think? Do you think the naked yoga offers more freedom in our practice?

I say, give it a try, you are bound to have more sensation.  Practice in the comfort of your own abode and always choose your naked yoga buddies wiselyX 

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    Breezy Kiefair said,

    i do yoga both ways. it depends if I am doing it as a part of a physical rehabilitation for my ongoing disease (generally clothed) or a spiritual mediation…. of course, they are deeply entwined with yoga, but as a long time practitioner, it really depends on what my personal motives for the session are whether I choose to engage in the activity in the nude or not.

  2. 5

    Hmmm when I squat I really like pants on. Just a personal preference

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