The Way of Zen

Sunset, Dinas Dinlle

You light the fire;

I’ll show you something nice –

A great ball of snow!


The long night;

The sound of the water

Says what I think.



The stars on the pond;

Again the winter shower

Ruffles the water.


How admirable,

He who thinks not, ‘Life is fleeting,’

When he sees the lightning!



The shattered mirror will reflect no more;

The fallen flower will hardly rise to the branch.



The theif

Left it behind –

The moon at the window.


The wind brings 

Fallen leaves enough

To make a fire.


Mountain on a garden

No thought, no reflection, no analysis,

No cultivation, no intention;

Let it settle itself. 

Tibetan Tilopa

Nantlle Valley, Snowdonia

‘In this moment there is nothing which comes to be.  In this moment there is nothing which ceases to be. Thus there is no birth-and-death to be brought to be brought to an end. Wherefore the absolute tranquility (of nirvana) is this present moment.  Though it is at this moment there is no limit to this moment, and herein is eternal delight.’
T’an Ching

‘If the mind is not overlaid with the wind and waves, you will always be living among blue mountains and green trees.  If your true nature has the creative force of Nature itself, wherever you may go, you will see fishes leaping and geese flying.’ 

Hung Tzu-ch’eng


From ‘The Way of Zen’ by Alan W. Watts


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