Lost to the night

Full moon over Kalpa, Himalayas, India

How strange
You no longer join me
On this journey,
Years we stood
And viewed each horizon
With no morning,
Bellies full of hope
And wine,

Laughing into the dark
And howling up the moon,
Drunk on life
In oceans of blue,
Swimming in the rips
To the tune
Of people in motion,
Wrapped up
In the safety
Of freshly
Broken waves.

So young
And caring not,
So bold
Turning pages with teeth,
Then alone
In that moment
You drifted,
Eased off
And away
To rest easy.

You had spiralled down
Then back;
With no grand finale,
No great leap of faith,
No hint of demise,
With fears locked inside.

All that is left
Is a shell,
And when we hold it
To our ears
We hear the ocean calling,

To one night
When the moon rose and fell,
As the sun grew warm
You’d bid us farewell.

So, were you blue?
In that bed and
In that light,
Where you now lay
Lost to the night.


7 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    slpmartin said,

    A fine poem in memory of your brother.

  2. 3

    Leroy, this is quite beautiful. Thanks for reading my poem and commenting. I truly appreciate it. Pleased to meet you.


  3. 4

    bneal817 said,

    Lee, this is fabulous… it stirs up so many wistful feelings and vivid memories within me, it captures the essence of something so universally human… youth, freedom, loss, parting… sigh

    Thank you for sharing.

    ~ Ben

  4. 6

    earthslang said,

    Your poetry is captivating; I love the flow and word choice.

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