Live in my heart (sweet nectar)

High above Spiti Valley, India

Is that your lyre of love?

I hear carried on the breeze,

Or just the crashing of tin spoons

Played by a drunken fool?

Your sweet wine of inspiration flows freely,

Sustaining me, freeing me.

All torment and shackles lie at my feet,

I’m almost too afraid

To step out of the mould.

Your wisdom

Gilded in the golden armour

Of your grace and love,

Forever feed me,

My dear, dear Mother one.

Retreating to the hills

Where sages sit in caves

To express their joy,

I have seen you here,

There and everywhere;

In the tangled forests

In the eyes of the crippled ascetic

In the stillness of the tree yogis

In his matted hair

In the wonder of a child’s laughter

In the waking of spring flowers

In the ever flowing stream

In the beating of my heart,

I see you in all of these things

And more.

What a release!

To finally realise

That wings grow strong with life

We may soar through sorrow,

We can learn to fly.

My heart lies open

Like a forgotten doorway,

So clean your dirty boots

Of fear and pain

And take one step forward,

Be near me again.

Under guard of the many petalled lotus,

The refuge of one heart,

No ripples you find,

Say ‘Yes!’

And in each other

We will shine.

Let’s pick the highest fruits

And share the light of life,

Let’s sing to the wind

Our victory grows ever nearer,

The sweetest nectar.

10 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Fiona.q said,

    i didnt know india can be this beautiful.

  2. 3

    911visa said,

    Amazing article thanks for sharing.

  3. 6

    Beautifully expressed.

  4. 8

    wow, this is amazing. Thank you

  5. 9

    Wow, Spiti. I’m so envious. I’d wanted to go there last year but the roads weren’t open yet in the late Spring. Beautiful words, btw.

    • 10

      leroywatson4 said,

      They are open now, quickly, get on the bus! I have a friend up there in Tabo and it is glorious sun in the land of the Gods. I recommend it highly as a place or magic and wonder, let me know if you go, I know some great folk up there and places where you can be free. Peace, lee

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