On Tan Hill

These hills that roll on

In the mist,

Where cattle herd in dips,

Steam rises out in the cold,

Their damp weathered flanks stand

Like mournful statues,

Heads low to the ground

Covered in filth and ribs.

As the wind blows puddles

Into the air

Hard hills meet biting rain,

Gravity crags scar

Earthen landscape,

Where water once ravaged

Deep grooves and horseshoes.

Twisted trees whip the wind with sharp stabs

They creak and crackle to the sky,

The dry stones moan

Kissed and raw,

Exposed flesh face can but look on,

Too soft and pink for here,

The patterns unfold in blood drained eyes,

In silent nooks only the black horizon silhouette remains,


Within range,

These mud filled puddles

Stir memories of rage,

Something primal that lives

Beneath the skin and fragile bleak canvas.

The clouds surround me here

Filling my lungs with thick wet air,

Light breaks from the clouds

Lighting my corner of the the field

Like a finger from the heavens,

But I am not saved,

Just chosen to fall foul

Of this fevered sleeping beauty,

A moor angel delusion with

No cave for a home,

A battle hardened mother

Laid low.

I trace her bones as a horizon would,

Running my fingers along her spine,

My boots mark her chest with the legacy of a man.

But to be a man!  Here?

With eyes fixed on the stone perimeter

A route to leave this sodden field,

The peat earth clings to my soles,

Legs that drag and a tangled heart

And home seems so far.

The croaked trees shudder as one,

Obelisk corpses that survey fog and hail,

Huddled in groups, in copses to shoulder

Such a toothless biting breeze.

This country has lost

Its sparkle

And shimmer has turned away,

And love is wrung like a blanket

And we only sing on market days.

Our meek breast is now barren

And our island greens grow

Ever deeper,

We are digging down

With blunt spades.

Growing closer to the earth

And farther from the sun.


5 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    janeysmiles said,

    Truly wonderful, honey pie x

  2. 2

    SwirlGirl said,

    I cannot even express to you how much I love this. Especially the wind blowing puddles into the air. Perfect.

    • 3

      leroywatson4 said,

      Thank you very much swirl girl, this means much to me. These poems are simply message left on the landscapes where I live and wander. Lovely to have you here. Peace, lee

  3. 4

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