108th Time

Siva Lingam – Angkor Wat, Cambodia

You’ve dragged my mind through the dust

And left it hanging,

You’ve trapped me in this clay

In bones that cannot speak,

You’ve marked my edges with light

And buried me in the shadow lands,

To fend for myself,

To seek and cherish

Every truth masked by illusion

And beauty that is real.

I battle with myself

At odds with what I see and feel,

But my inner textures cannot lie,

The ever playful creator

of these unfathomable scenes.

I am divided;

Torn away

From what I really am,

Each time that I open my eyes

You are gone.

I am left alone and lonely,

Breathing my first breath

And dreaming of innocence,

And miracles surround,

And safety,

And the endless warm kiss.

You’ve sent me as a messenger

To myself,

As a shepherd

To my thoughts,

You’ve placed me in your arms

To nurture and forgive,

And open my heart.

Leave me now

To retreat inside

And be unborn again

For the 108th time.

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  1. 1

    Your poem, in its jagged and painful portrayal of how spirituality can hinder and empower creative drive, made my day

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