Venus watchful

All of a sudden

The melody returns to the wooden bench,

Warming light licks golden shades

Over the back of my head

And all over our mountain homes,

The doors are red and ajar

And I remember that beauty within.

Her colours run and merge

Droplets join rivulets to streams and the ocean,

With Venus watchful

Turning leaves drink in the wealth,

Rocks spring to life and

The landscape is shifting.

Quietly and slow,

Creaking ridges age with grace,

These pewter granite waves,

Frozen and petrified,

Are crumbling like black sand before me.

Scree lies in suggestions of a deeper earth rising,

The solid smoke of extinct volcanos,

Ancient giants on the hoof.

Pacific in rest,

Sounds of flowing water

Grow stronger,

Falling hidden in a crease

Of the green earth,

The rushing white jewels

Of bubble and gurgle

Snap!  Bring me back to where I am,

On these strings like angels hair

Which a whisper could severe forever,

Within this plant life

I dance circles through a line

Am woven across bronze meadows,

Picking already dried flowers for fun

As a cloud I am blown along,

Destination unknown,

Embracing it all.

Children appear between trees

Like rainbow snakes in this hour of deadly nightshade

With dirt under their nails

And spears made of twigs,

Silently they bound away

With green patches on their jeans

Like wild little monkeys.


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    so so beautiful

  2. 2

    How did I miss this earlier?! This is my new favorite poem of yours.

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