The Devil In Me

The concept of my shadow

Puts the devil in me,

Looking back

To find no path led me here.

Making love in the involuntary

Nature of existence,

In circulations of craziness

And misguided mantras,

With wires crossed;

I interact,

Am involved.

Here it is I reside

But a bird in a cage

Ready for the gas,

There’s too little land between me and the horizon,

And these bars are not what keep me inside.


Yet formless,

With only one sky to fill

And not enough suns to call home.

The sound of falling rain

Beating on my skull,

“Wake up little grasshopper!”

And it all ends

As it begins.



8 Responses so far »

  1. 5

    vanessagobes said,

    beautiful poetry; can’t take my eyes of the pic.

    • 6

      leroywatson4 said,

      Thank you Vanessa, the pic is of a villager and an elephant recently killed by a passing train in India. I love the offering of intensely vibrant flowers soon after the time of passing. Very moving.

  2. 7

    slpmartin said,

    Some interesting references in the poem…enjoyed it.

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