Welcome to India – BBC Documentary

Watch this while you can, it will only be available for a few more days.

A real eye opener for all western types. This is how the majority of ‘us’ live, in poverty.  An incredible documentary about people making lives in the most extreme physical circumstances.

Truly inspiring, the human spirit is a real wonder, our will to survive and prosper is so strong.  I love the part near the end when they are viewing their new home, only ten people sleeping in a small room, a real luxury!


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    slpmartin said,

    Can view this outside of the UK right now…wish I could see it.

  2. 2

    slpmartin said,

    “Can” = Cannot

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      leroywatson4 said,

      Thats a shame, hopefully it will come up on youtube sometime. It really is an amazing documentary, amazing joy and inspiration coming from the poorest of the poor, one guy trawls sewers for gold shavings (and makes a living from it!)
      I feel the survival skills needed by the people who really have nothing, will be useful for most of us in the future. When it all hits the fan! Im not a doom monger, but look at the state we’re in. I’ll keep an eye out on youtube and let you know. Peace and Light, lee

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    BM said,

    Did the Tories commission this series?

    The message appears to be “you think it’s bad now? Look at how they manage to survive in India…what can’t you useless plebs pull your socks up and scavenge like the rest of the worlds poor?

    Also, the incidental music is in many instances inappropriate, it sets the wrong tone for many of the situations witnessed in the program. There are people living in appalling circumstances, the soundtrack undermines the seriousness of the content.

    Yeah, you see them smiling, but do you really think they are having fun? Do you really think they are content living such lives?

    And what of the corruption, and injustice in Indian society? the inequality? the male chauvinism? the abuse? the caste system and blind religious fervour?

    They should perhaps make a documentary that explains why billions of dollars is spent on defence in India while there are children still starving to death in villages all over the country.

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      leroywatson4 said,

      Thanks for the impassioned responses, it is interesting to hear another angle, although not one that I agree with. This is all a matter of perspective and I don’t imagine everybody to share my own. Many would rightly say that the west is corrupt, chauvinistic and is gripped by blind religious fervour (how have women been treated by the Christian church through the ages? Financial meltdown? Have you heard the religious rhetoric in the States? Have you ever read the Sun newspaper or Nuts Magazine et al in the UK?).
      I’d like to discuss this further, email me on leroywatson4@yahoo.co.uk and we can have a better discussion……
      The world is gradually moving to a state whereby we are all controlled by the same ruling elite, with the sum aim of accumulating wealth and power. India and Britain, same people running the show, Indians are just worse at hiding their corruption, things less highly controlled. We are all in this together and there is absolutely no difference between you and I and the people portrayed in this documentary, our problems are the same, they just appear different to you. People on Mumbai beach don’t know how you are living, the way you have been conditioned by your surroundings and conversely, you cannot understand how they feel about life, whether they are happier than you or not. I could write for a long time here, its probably best done via email if you wish. The Tories? Dear God, lets not start on those jokers. Peace and Happiness, lee

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