21/12/2012 11:11am – Welcome to the party!

Dear Fellow Turtles,

The end of the world is nigh; 2012, whats going on?  What will become of us?  Our planet is aligning with the exact centre of the milky way and the sun is passing through the galactic equator, this will surely have some effect on something.  But what?

If there is nothing in your news at the moment, I’d suggest a new avenue of ‘news’.  The BBC seem to be non-plussed by the whole occasion, preferring more dissemination of wars, murders, football and the like.

Something is ending, something is beginning, although this seems always to be the case.   Regardless of how you I feel about the whole shebang, this moment, 21/12 11:11am, will be more noticed than most.  More minds will be focused on peace, love and togetherness than at anytime in my lifetime.  Millions will be getting together and hoping and praying for greater things from humanity.   Collectively, can we change?  And to what extent?

The Mayans themselves, who are a living breathing barrel of goodness, are still here and still being treat like second-class citizens in Guatemala and the South of Mexico.  Surely, we will all be hoping that a new dawn will bring changes for the Maya of all folk!  After all, it is their prophecy of sorts!  This time marks (most say) one long calendar ending for another to begin.  Humans seem ill equipped to deal with the future, certainly to make prophecies, it seems best to stay in the present and deal with what is actually going on; co-existing positively with it all.

Fear nothing, bar a huge solar flare, all is well!  We are deep within a cycle, one  of an infinite array that seem to control and form what we are and experience.  All this environmental stuff has happened before, without our defacing and polluting this beautiful earth.

So, no fear, no fear, no fear for 2012 and beyond. No fear…….  We need this mantra to get us through this and every day is this utterly mad society that we have created.  Whilst most seem afraid to live the lives they deserve, many feel that we are about to blossom, into something unimaginably beautiful.  Anyway you look at that, it can’t be bad!

Whatever you feel, enjoy the day, think of the ancient Mayans if you will (we all need a little inspiration to get the ball rolling).  I shall be up in the hills, in a cave, taking it easy…..my big question to the universe, ‘Hey universe!  What changes!?’  I feel that this moment allows us to appreciate what we have, love more and more, become peaceful and move forward with greater intentions for our lives and our world.

Here is an interesting article about 2012:


NOW is the change!  This will not be the last prophecy of dramatic changes, whilst the most dramatic of changes continue to happen all around us!

The ‘Golden age of light’ is coming, and if it doesn’t arrive, maybe we just need a shift in perspective.

Bring it on…….HAPPY 2012xxx

Love and Light,

Lee and the TurtleX


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