One and a Million Stars

One watch one, which sided?

Up till dawn, sounded out ceremonial drum,

Drumming lotus hearted pitch;

Ear bled chanting to back of heads, gleaming mantras

And diamond lining;

Deep fissures, a myriad flitting birds,

Foundations of emotions.

The wholesome truth within the lie

And light leaks in

From the crack in the curtain,

At a stretch, crystallized flaws.

Imperious; unutterable,

Sat deep knees in sands before new dawn rising,

Questing the circumference of this for the grains

Of glazed truth and considerable memorials.

Cemetery stones; squalid,

The uptight gristle between blinking eyed seers,

Trusted cane clicks and advanced grey shrouds hung wet,

Heavy on squared shoulders.

Just a scent burns the crown, all cinders and thorns.

Hands warm, cracked and naked,

Buried in the damp earth brewing, ears full of buckets of snow

And dull sounds pain my eyes.

Ploughing along and across every angle,

This immaculate cinnamon range.

My white tongue blames the sky

Losing cold grip on wisdom in this medium.

Are we crazy to be lazy in barren forests?

With faint traces of winter in our hair.

A bitter vision this outstretched palm,

Lungs sooty black coughed up a mountain lake,

That captures the moon in the ripples of it’s divide.

Doubts that escape the screen and reflect,

Draw me timeless towards the mirror.

Twilight rolls upon us like mist, wistful billows of mystery darken,

Whilst universally watching the narrowest passage,

Detached passing stars prick a hollow sky;

A million stars pointing directly at my heart.

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  1. 1

    Oh I see you truly HAVE been to Mars in May!

  2. 5

    btw my love is bouncing off the walls right now and leaving streaks of colour in the air

  3. 7

    The reflections of the stars shining on you lit your illumination.

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