An Eternity Kiss

Scraps of knowledge,
Written words and wise utterances,
Are universal sounds
Echoing greatness.

They awaken me, after many years sleeping,
A thousand graves and more
With no word from home.

The all pervading, all consuming sense that
Here is born in pools of space,
Visions in the void;
As the wind disturbs the pond,
And the leaf speaks of freedom;
Eternity is kissed and flowing,
Vibrant in the mystery.

How happy we should be
With the gift of such ecstatic fabric,
Its colours gently woven
By the essence of our hearts.

To say the we have lived
In life a fullness
And inhabited each quivering breath;
To have seen the lights of passing planets
And their many moons colliding,
Mere specks of dust
In the eye of true beauty.
Beautiful emptiness perceived!


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    amoonfull said,

    How colorful and vivid, this piece. All my senses were captivated!

  2. 2

    truthyoga said,

    Wonderful poem…..keep exploring and sharing and inspiring with your words along your Journey. Best Wishes.

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