The Stone Circle

Nantlle Ridge - Snowdonia, North Wales

Nantlle Ridge – Snowdonia, North Wales

The key hangs from my neck
It swings with every step, an unborn
Fire lights my heart
That keeps the path from dark.

With great mystery about my mind
A trail of whispering seeds I find,
Only to walk on through burnt heather
That marks the struggle of mankind.

Cold winds on my cheek
Awaken, the clouds that
Play with light;
That toy with shadows
That distinguish the distant
Edges of my life.

The floating raven marks the line,
Calling to the old land below.
Behold; in every rock a face
And each stone a soul.

The soft moss underground,
Lichen hints of colours to be found,
Which cushion the sound of speaking hills,
A blanket for a burial mound.

There is a broken egg shell
By the wild flower grave
And an old man whistles in the day
For his friends now further on.

A white cottage stands out
Like a pimple on this place,
Soils humming gently
A tune
Of other times lived in grace.

I am carried by these paths,
Lines drawn
Deep in my soul
Forming patterns within shapes
That one day I may call

Settling into pristine solitude
With the scent of
Broken earth
Still lingering in my vision
Of greater hands at work.

For the veil of darkness
Falls too quickly to
A full moon that lights
One day lived without sunset.

Nantlle Ridge, Snowdonia, North Wales

Nantlle Ridge, Snowdonia, North Wales


6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Alex Barton said,

    Lovely rhythm. I’d love to know what that key was for?

  2. 3

    Maria said,

    This is entirely and absoloutely beautiful and seems as if you have wandered the hillsides and breathed in the very essence of an older time in the place and country I call home. could it be the faint and gentle whiperings of your ancestors about a wild yet gentle but also hauntingly beautiful place…. stunning work love it…

  3. 5

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words said,

    Whispers on the wind
    Ancients ones shall send
    some will hear and know
    for they came back from long ago….

    your words are beautiful, flowing with energy….
    I enjoyed them very much
    Take Care…

    • 6

      leroywatson4 said,

      Thank you for the kind words LadyBlue… The beauty of the landscapes here in North Wales speak of many things, prompting my mind to express the inexpressible.

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