‘Freedom is an Adventure Without End’ – Don Juan

‘Forget the self and you will fear nothing.’

‘Freedom cannot be measured, freedom is an adventure without end, in which we risk our lives and much more for a few moments of something beyond words, beyond thoughts or feelings.  To seek freedom is the only driving force I know, freedom to fly off into infinity, freedom to dissolve, to lift off; to be like the flame of a candle, which is spite of being up against the light of a billion stars, remains intact, because it never pretended to be more than it is: a mere candle.’

‘Self importance is the nemesis of mankind.’

Don Juan (from Carlos Castaneda – The Art of Dreaming)


Quote taken from the collection – A Turtle Awake – Inspirational Wisdom of Great Love

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  1. 1

    indytony said,

    “Self importance is the nemesis of mankind.”

    There’s a lot of truth in this.

  2. 2

    And what a gorgeous painting to accompany these wise words. I love how all these figures wear luminous blue haloes!

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