Let’s Change Our World! – Thrive (What On Earth Will It Take?)

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa

Do you want to live in a better world?  A more peaceful place to be; with less suffering and greater natural abundance; less pollution, corruption, war, confusion, conspiracy……..Don’t we all!

Doesn’t it seem like the systems in place are against us, we; the very people who created them and contribute towards their very existence?  This doesn’t seem to make any sense.  Banks (global economic mafioso) and global corporations are doing anything to create profits, regardless of how it affects people’s lives and the earth.  The super rich are getting super rich and the vast majority struggle on, feeling helpless and without hope.  Things have not always been like this.  Why do we accept this?  More alarmingly, we have the power, we are in control.  At any moment we can say ‘NO’!  Collectively, no ruling minority could begin to control the positive changes we could enact through peaceful protest and stopping (consuming/ interacting/ working for the institutions that control).

Minimising or even better, stopping, our contributions to the systems that are controlling us; robbing us of our hard earned money, reclaiming our family homes, is surely the easiest way to express our discontent.  They need us, let them know we will not stand for this and then change will follow.  By turning our backs on them, we’ll soon realise there is a whole new way of looking at things.

It’s our natural tendency to thrive, to be healthy, love one another.  How have we been so distracted?  How have we created so many systems and social norms that do not reflect these tendencies and lead us further from our true nature.


‘Thrive‘ is a movement for positive change, an incredible movie that shares much information that you will not read about in the mass media.  Many disparate threads of allegedly ‘alternative’ theories and information.  I say ‘alternative’ only because it may be something new and revelatory that has been around for many years (even many thousands of years).

It can be difficult to digest such new ways of perceiving the world, the systems that control us and have done for our whole lives.  People are not talking about these fascinating discoveries for a reason, our awesome potential to live in a state of harmony and peace is REAL news.  Lets get that on the BBC and NBC, or whatever corporate news channel you are exposed to.

The beginning is near….

‘Thrive‘ offers up some type of framework for massive positive changes within our societies, namely free energy for all.

We created the vast majority of our societies problems and we have the ability to change them. “Thrive’ empowers us to make that change, gives us a direction to follow in order to make the world a better place to be.  It will not happen overnight, but influences like ‘Thrive’ add momentum to our evolution towards brighter days.  It is cleanly packaged, over produced you may say, but who cares!  It has many positive messages and is huge at the moment, its clean-cut image is exactly what is needed to get skeptical people on board.  A movie about hairy hippies living in wigwams in Mexican dessert will not cut the mustard in this field.  We are a very judgemental society, whether we like it or not, we like shirts and ties, our teachers and fathers wore them.  What a wonderful thing.

If we are not open hearted and positive about change, how can we change?  I accept the fact that much of the information important to us is suppressed and am open to anything.  Miracles are happening everyday, all the time, miracles are dependent on our perception of what ‘is’ happening around us.  Our very consciousness itself  is a miracle!

I’m welcome people like Mr Gamble who do not accept the way it is and ‘always will be’ but who are empower to effect change, spread vitally important information deeply imbued with hope for us all.  We all need a little more hope, we’re not given enough of it by our media and in the general patterns of living (work, eat, sleep; work, eat, sleep/ occasional party/ recovering).  How many depressed people do you know?  Why are we depressed?  What a terrible modern phenomenon.  What a money spinner for the chemical companies?  All those terrible drugs being pushed on vulnerable people (I, like many, have far too many friends in this boat).  The truth is, I’m the boss, you’re the boss, we’re the boss.  WE are running this show.

If we simply allow people who are power hungry and nepotistic, namely the vast majority of politicians (the civil servants who control almost everything) then they will be inclined to take more.  Our capitalist societies, built around the concept of ‘more is more’, will not stop until resources (be it human or a natural resource) are utterly depleted.  Have you ever noticed that in the vast majority of business’s profits must always grow yearly, costs must always be less, wages decreased.  We’re squeezing the life out of living!  We’re cutting down trees to print money!?  There is enough madness in our present societies to suggest that people are capable of anything; be that positive or negative.


So who’s going to do all of this changing stuff?  I am and hopefully you are and the very first step is educating ourselves and this is where movies like ‘Thrive’ come in.  Watch it and share it with friends on the miracle of the internet, spread the message worldwide, project it on the side of your house, create a web of powerful inspiration and change just by clicking a few buttons on a screen.

The changes needed are urgent and all encompassing.  So how do we go about positively effecting change?  I focus on consuming less, wasting less, recycling more.  This is my mantra for getting my home life in order anyway.  The rest is supporting the local community, neighbours and friends.  Treating all with care and respect.  This all seems fairly obvious, but will make all the difference.  Shall we be the creators or the victims?

Most importantly in this rapid period of change is being open to radical changes, discerning these changes as something positive and realising that most of what we are taught in schools and what seems normal is actually wrong and unfortunately part of the perpetuating problem.  For me, accepting that many of the well meaning people in my life had been misguided themselves was tough.  I have come to realise that all that matters is how I conduct myself.  ME.  I am the change and that is all I can begin to control.

Just to get some idea of the effectiveness of this movement, over 4 million people have watched this on Youtube alone.

We are so bombarded by information at present, there are so  many outlets and opportunities to be something different that we seem to forget who we are, the fundamentals don’t change.  Why we are here is not important (though nice to reflect on once in a while), it is what we do while we are here that is.  How we lead our lives, through thought, word and action.  To begin to see through all the words and concepts and realise what is really affecting us, what lies beneath all this jumbled up knot of dead end knowledge.  Free ourselves from self-made binds.  Focus on the simpler things in life (trust me, the mind will make it complex, its unavoidable!)  Feel our way through this maze towards that which is truly important.  What we really need to thrive in life is love.

Be good, do good, happy Saturdayx

PS – I know I’ve already posted ‘Thrive’ on the blog, but I’ve just watched it again and felt equally moved by it.  

PPS – I love hippies in wig wams.


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