Desert Sweeper

A desert sweeper steps
Towards an eyes crossed trance,
Fixed tight as a bracket would
To the maps in stars.
The steam and hiss of the bliss oblivion train
All white robes and fragrant teas,
Sought desire and no release.

In matrix modes
The gristle grinds down
In the makers gum tree eye,
Divided by a furnace of great feeling,
Just a dot of universe
On the tip of your tongue, like a pill.

Call out wounded hopes
And prayers and faith and all that makes us stick,
Wound up again
Upon the manacle of mind games
And barnacle brain strains,

Where once we walked like lions on this land.

As the white vultures circle
The palace walls fall in
The crumbling of ages past
Orange rock melts in a millennium of fertile sea beds
And the flint axe still sparks with time fragments.

A one winged wanderer
Setting a course to the speaking night,
Stars only
Express such delight in form
And the sleeping men and crocodiles
In the hills and dry river beds
Can only sing a line.


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