Visions Beyond the Seen

How rare these airs that we breath!  

Corollas fill the earthly skies,  

Breathing in light, into light itself, breeding life into 

The cosmic centre, 

Alive within the heart of all things.  


How solid our nature, how little we ‘feel’, 

How complex our stupidity, when all forms are freed.  

How crippled our senses before something so vast, 

To find that we are the creator evolving through ash.  


The moon leaves our chest and we trip on the stars, 

Our higher nature speaks of a dance

With a distant mirage, 

Through cosmic fires and ethereal shadows 

We are destiny engaged, emerging from the dark. 


I incarnate as this ornament, this thick gaseous cluster,

Alone to wonder at the mystery. 

My primeval shape returns in a dream 

And in the tones of my soul, I ascend to a calmer sea, 

With the trailing paths of fireflies

And visions beyond the seen,

Proceeding between sun and moon,

A balance supreme.


My senses brushed with light

My soul aflame, guided by the lamp

Of the illumined archer, his arrows fall blindly 

Upon the fools in the temple,


I wade through this water,

Fall through this picture,

Towards the symbols of the seer

In this mighty work of art,

Greater clarity ever near,

Spinning in eternal bliss,

Emerging as an open flower 

In the tumult of the glittering abyss.


Beyond my imagination, I sense Isis

And need go no further.      


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    meenas17 said,

    Thank you for the follow..
    Your poetry is amazing.

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