She’s Always Dancing – Neil Young

I am such a lucky, lucky fellow.  So lucky it baffles me.  Why me?  I am the luckiest critter to be wandering this rock.  So lucky in fact that this coming Monday I will be sharing the O2 arena in London with some 20,000 good folk in cosmic union with Neil Young and Crazy Horse.  Together we’ll explore the colourful realms of free flowing rock and roll.  The beating of the drum and the bending of the strings.  The cracks in the voice and the beauty there within.

If you are that way inclined and have some spare wonga, I highly recommend his new album ‘Psycedelic Pill’.  Here is just a sample of poetry to be found in his words (fused with shamanic guitar spells and the synergy of old friendship and open hearts).  Dancing with the Deva’s!x

She’s Always Dancing

Even now.

Though she’s away her music fills the air,

her kindness towards others lingers.

She was always there.  She is with you.

She’s always dancing…..

Now and forever,

From palm to palm,

from hand to hand,

Floating in the air

She loves to find it there.


She likes to burn…………

Out on the edge,

That’s where she lives

That’s when she gives

Floating in the Smoke

She says it gives her hope.


She has the fire…………….

But its burning now

From hand to hand

From palm to palm

Floating in the air

She tries to hold it there.  


She wants to live without ties to bind her down

She wants to dance with her body left unbound

She wants to spin like she lives in her own world

She wants to dream like she was a little girl.  

And the tune:


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