Persian Love Poetry


If you wish, I shall put my fingers together

And form a stirrup with my two palms

So you can put your foot in my hands

And warm yourself in my heart

Or put the soles of your feet on my shoulders

And slip down into my arms.

Softly and lightly, let me embrace you

So I can spread you like grass on the ground.


Iraj Mirza


Without you at a night of full moon, once again I walked through

that lane

I was all eyes, bedazzled I searched for you.

The joy of seeing you overflowed the jug of my existence

I became the same mad lover I was before.


Fereydoun Moshiri


I said there would always be a bench

Under a tree

In the mystic solitude of a garden.

And I did not say that without you the garden would die

And in the sunny shroud of the beach

The scent of oranges and palm trees would fade.

I said I would throw the stars at your feet.

I did not say that without you, one must doubt the sun

And without you every star is blind.

Come with me

And let us rush towards our shadows

Who are in love.


Laila Kasra Afshar


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  1. 1

    NIKOtheOrb said,

    Beautiful poetry that illustrates some of the inherent and intrinsic good of human nature and the human spirit.

  2. 2

    I love this poetic tradition. (More, please!)

    • 3

      leroywatson4 said,

      It is deeply evocative literature and from a culture where the poet is still relevant in society at large. I hope one day to visit Persia and hear poetry recited after meals by families and on buses. A society that respects poetry and involves in in their everyday life cannot be too far from the things that make life truly beautiful. There will be more soon Jennifer (just got came across a new Hafiz book!). Peace and love, lee

  3. 4

    rick s said,

    Reblogged this on moon soup (no bowl, no moon) and commented:
    Thank you to Leroy for sharing this.

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