To Come Undone

I have a wealth of time, I have now.

I am rich beyond imagination; I see,
I hear, I speak,
I feel and think; eat well
And sleep; drink wine,
Drunk on love and my cosmic muse,
Vibrant in the focused sincerity
Of an honest fool.

I am ever free to dream and always, almost,
Close to release.
Making commands of light,
Making my way along the pathways of experience,
To be delivered, eyeing the ear of corn
And the passing boatman’s song.

Out of the smallest parts
Of what I am,
Comes a sense of something more refined, already risen.
Where I may alight and speak of unspeakable
Beauty and revel in the parts
Now hidden,

There the immensity of being shrinks,
Where I may yearn to come undone.


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  1. 1

    Forever free to Dream! And Rich beyond imagination!…. Now there’s the Life…. Its there for us all would that more could embrace it..

    Beautiful poem
    Thank you

    • 2

      leroywatson4 said,

      Right now I’m dreaming of a windfall apple sauce on the stove and a night by the fire. Autumn is here Sue with all the inspiration that comes from such wonderful shifts.
      Love and light, leex

      • 3

        Yes, lee, Arrrgh almost can smell the aroma! I I too have been busy with the apples and blackberries, and made a chutney with them, deeeeeelicious 🙂 I hope to share the recipe shortly …
        Enjoying your recipes too by the way
        Peace~ Sue

      • 4

        leroywatson4 said,

        Genius Sue, chutney. I shall be making that very shortly. I’ll be raiding the hedgerows of Anglesey tomorrow. Peace and Pumpkins, lee

  2. 5

    NIKOtheOrb said,

    The will of experience is to come undone, as saying that no thing or one is absolute and therefore subject to undoing. Nothing lasts forever, but are not meant to be. Be in the moment and Now can be one prolonged moment of doing and being.

    Lovely poem!

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