lets play

let me craft something

or other,


let me approach this page

in peace.


let me write something down,

allow me to be transparent before you,

share my love with you,

see me blue.


let me be lost here,

allow me to be lost everywhere,

to never feel sane in the insane

or material in the immaterial.


let me rock and weave

let me cry out to no one and believe,

let me sin no more before the ash or willow

(showering seeds),

let me bake you bread

and feed you.


let me share with you

some joy, let us share it together,

let us come around

to our ecology,

worship the hills;

spectacularly natural

and no more.


let us befriend old ghosts

and start some fires

in hearts

and in our own,

burn our rational tickets.


western man, with your philosophy

of warfare and

in all these emerging locusts,

we cannot be magnificent.


this is no cosmic apocalypse,

no pilgrimage.

this is it!  the thing.  the one.


we don’t know what we’re doing……..


how about you worship me

and I worship you!

all things idolatry,

lets make love with Moloch


lets play.

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  1. 1

    NIKOtheOrb said,

    Beautifully written poem on the essence of life. Yes, let us play. I think it was Bill Hicks who said, “don’t worry, it’s just a ride.”

  2. 2

    David Almeida said,

    Follow your heart . . . . or rather follow your truth . . . not the negative voices that tell you life is full of pain and suffering. I have been told that we create the apocalypse and the evils of the world. We define our world. We create the world. We know ourselves . . . all of the parts of us. The parts that are potentially destructive . . . and the parts that are loving, caring, and peaceful. We can control our urge to indulge in destructive fantasies. We are creative beings who do possess an immense degree of self-control. We do have the ability to love unconditionally, rather allow our thoughts to destroy the world we live in. The way in which we experience reality is a choice.

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