Red Rose

The roses they wilt,
The roses they wane,
The red roses seem lost
To an elemental grave.

The sunflower has gone,
Only withered stems remain,
Autumn’s cold has taken its share
But yellow song remains.

Our dandelions have merged
With the green, green field;
Where now scuffy ponies sulk
And hide from chilly breeze.

Dear rose you sat cut off,
By the window on a ledge,
Viewing nature from the inside,
Opens petals of rootless change.

The red rose is gone,
The red rose was never there,
It left us with a lesson,
Love is short in life to share.


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    David Almeida said,

    That’s because roses are meant to be cut and picked. They are meant to be admired on the bush and in the ground . . . just like the daisies are beautiful and all of the nature. The are beautiful expressions of creation. Admire them as they are and for what they are. All of creation and those things within are ourselves are beautiful. Observe them in their natural state and appreciate them for being in your world.

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