Mars Returns

Burning sunrise over Kodai Kanal, Tamil Nadu

Burning sunrise over Kodai Kanal, Tamil Nadu


On clear nights I stand shivering, looking up;

The song lines are sung, I track the paths between stars and

All else that brought me here; to harrow point.


We trace the patterns with love, that which joins us within a circle;

We fake eternal empathy for a seat at the wicker table.


There is a melody that must not be heard.

A madness emanates within the mighty chasms

Of this universal emptiness, the morning prayer bells are rung

For no one,

One hand reaching out from the orange robes.


Such bitter pills of truth are to be swallowed whole, in their barbed entirety,

Grains of sweetness cannot confer the taste of relinquished fortune.

Epiphanies of nonsense breeds contentment within

A bottomless pit of arcane ardour.


I feign bravery towards it, I feel cloaked by it in fleeting moments.

It is a tone that alters my heart; disrupts my wiring,

Leaves me naked before beauty.


As a steadying gesture upon my arm, a defamed soliloquy.

In a silent corner, find a stained glass mind

To filter out such light.


The vertiginous nature of this dance

Seems eased enough that I may play my hand,

I may no longer desecrate that space.


Playing at God with planets.

In a sanctified peace, I look to my feet

For pleasure proceeds and wish for visions of Mars

And Jupiter colliding in truth sparks.


The inception of red flames, engulfing a single

Lone witness, who’s halo remains the leaves and thorns

Of a solitary bramble row.


In these astral lanes we find a way.


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