In Animal

In animal;

Claws, warm organs.


Hidden in long grass,

Small animals, fast beating hearts.

Cursed in furs,

Survival claims many lives.


Automatic the bird of prey,

Over machinery;

Of itself.

Lords to no one, but the crow.


Louche felines spread out,

Warm rocks tickle bellies,

Lazy sun shape beckons

A guttural, deadly pounce.


Breeze rattles apple blossom,

Lines the earth with petal layers

And fresh meanings rot with it,

Into rich soil and hungry worms.


Stars arranged;

Their chaos permeates sanity.

Crystal pin pricks to the unknown

Mirror the garden square,

Waltzing nature, relentless.


The warped spades, the buckets,

The seeds shiny coats;

With locks on the sheds

Trimmed privet and festering

Watering can,

Where larvae settle in.


Fences strung out,

Linear abstractions over the heath.

Curved like archaic shins,

Warping gentler with age.

Seasoning nicely, leeching vitality

For sun and moon.


The acuity of severing edges,

The cracks in the grain;

Gaps that rise

Within life and death;

A blemish, an infection,

A love struck union.


Barefaced instinct to prosper

And feed,

The bronze relics of tools we fashioned

To feast well and trim.


The final act; the great hunter;

Casting stones and spears

Towards the onrushing beast.

Feral stabs in the darkness

And savage claims.


Silent signals of a life now draining,

Low moans,

Eyes narrow and sparkle fades.


This human carving,

Open doorways to perception,

Seeking shelter from the storms

That come.


Lighting small fires to warm the night,

Blazing blues, clutching at spears;

Still the songs that rise with dawn

Soothe the passing elements.




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