A Peaceful Break


The way sweetness melts effortlessly from the heart eclipsing  all things,

The way infinity calls internally of a marriage with bliss so close,

The way we sit and wonder as majestic stars leave us disarmed.


To listen through the sound of rain, to become the grey clouds and clear sky,

To touch the earth, gently rested, merging with nature and the festival of seasons,

To seek love within the great furnace of creation and return with immutable nought,

To peacefully break the binds of earthly bondage and realise divine union in the feintest

Flaming rapture and flickering truth,

To meditate upon the mighty mountains floating in the vastness of the open seas,

To become immersed fully in the voyage of existence, at a point one step equals them all.

To no longer fear our shadows and this darkened revolution,

To transcend the minds rich veil and retire within the light of purest perception.


When the flow is felt, a gentle hand guiding, far beyond instinct and sense,

There can be no delay in the great surrendering.


Now we are freed, now we are inconceivable, now we are invincible,

May we as one alight, enticed by our inherent potential released!


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