The Flames of Truth

In the flames of truth

Ash litters the way;

Falling as shadowy motions,

Stirring in the depths.


The perfection of whole moon

Draws tidal sap to the within,

To the crescendo of beating hearts

And shortening breath,

As craving ecstasy melts within the peeling bells

Of finite love.


In this hidden stream

We trace the mystical;

A clear vibration, a fearless dawn,

A plaintiff lullaby in the clutches

Of earthly beauty.


We are revealed as the force of passions

Incarnate, far from origin,

A species of finite seekers

Well placed in the void of night.


Reveal yourself!

Open to the sense of unity

And eternal moods,

Stirring the formless coils of supreme


We are close to the quaking muse

But cannot dream her graceful countenance.


To enter the heart, as naked as before,

With the courage of a dragon,

Feeding on our narrow horizons

And transcending instinct.

Fit to give ourselves to the fire

And lie in peace amongst the flames.


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    genkikitty said,

    Wow! I found your website through a ‘like’ you left on my website. I’m so glad I always check up on my followers because each one of them are so talented. This is magnificently penned. I look forward to reading more from you.

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