Live It

Live it loud,
Live it free,
Live it opposed to the powers that be…….

Live it in love,
Live it in sorrow,
Live it because there is no tomorrow……..

Live it in words,
Live it in song,
Live it your way, but not for long…….

Live it to enjoy,
Live it with style,
Live it with passion and well worn smiles………

Live it alone,
Live it in groups,
Live it embraced in the quest for truth………

Live it to dream,
Live it to dance,
Live it like this is your very first chance……

Live it resist,
Live it relax,
Live it in moments not tied to the past………….

Live it in celebration,
Live it in doubt,
Live it still curious, open and proud………

Live it, live it, live it………

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  1. 1

    oquinterros said,


    This comment is a few years late, but I found the address to this blog in the left-behind notebook of somebody who presumably had lived in the same house I did in Lima, Peru, sometime before 2011. Your posts inspired me at the time and I had a long thing written out but I wasn’t sure how to contact you with it so it never manifested; just want you to know that I’ve enjoyed following along with you off and on for the past few years. You seem to be British and to have some connection with India, and I’m not really sure what it is you get up to, but I like trying to piece things together.

    Live it. Party on.


    • 2

      leroywatson4 said,

      Hey Mike, Just caught up with your comment here. What a great story! I am British, I love India, I cook a lot and live it! (one a very good day!) Peace and Happiness, lee

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