Why Poetry?

I don’t know.  But I’ll give it a go.

I used to think that sticking poetry on here would be fun.  I still do.  It is, it was and it will be.  I enjoy writing.  But I think I might need a brief introduction as to where it may be coming from.  I know it can get a little out there sometimes.  That’s just the way it goes.  I share the crazy theatre in which I surprisingly existence.

I write poetry about my experiences and my relationships with others and everything.  What I’m doing and where I am (I travel) influences.  But really, most of the time, I’m surprised at what comes out.  I read somethings I have written and think ‘who was that guy doing the writing?’  It may not appear so, but all of this seems quite normal at the time.

This writing could be the essence of what I am in words, it may also be my ego running me wild down to gibber-ville.  Clumsy and crude it may be but it’s from the heart.   Maybe words are all we’ve got?

The books I’m reading also inspire.  They trigger things, as does music, walking in nature and looking out of a bus window.  They also spring from what I can only call ‘states’ influenced by practises like meditation, reflections on psycedelic experiences and explorations into the many shades of love.  I also dive, like a child, into philosophy and my desire to break down the logic train and rational thinking prevails in most of what’s here.  Also, romance will never die.

Sometimes the poems are accidentally lyrical, but normally I like to mash it up.  I never plan or structure, they just come and I let them take over for a while.  I edit little.  People say you should find your ‘one true voice’, I don’t buy it, I think the only truth is found in silence and our ‘true voice’ is an untamed river.  I embrace the ever changes and the raw anarchy of being.  I try to let it drift away and see what happens on the page.  Sometimes it’s a pattern, sometimes it’s a maze.

People also say, ‘you should learn how to write poetry’.  Can you teach such things?  Can you really ‘teach’ art or dance?  There has got to be freedom and bags of spirit in my line of creativity.  Having said that, I would like to meet such a teacher.  I’m sure they know the good stuff.

I don’t want it to be perfect or good, or anything in particular, I just want to ty and express what is tugging at my heart and melting my mind and get in a groove with the the timeless power of love, sweet love.

Welcome to the melting pot!  From Zen to Hendrix guitar solo, from here to elsewhere.


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