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Aphorisms watching rain fall – 18th May 2017

Aphorisms written in a cafe, watching rain fall, waiting for a Buddha burger, dreaming in the day:

Everything you wished for you have, everything you need is here.

Life may be a sick show, but wisdom and love is the cure.

Hate is just love on a bad day.

Be at ease, accept yourself.

Peace is like a flower, let it grow, let it see the sun. Don’t cut it, own it, remove it from it’s roots.

Give, we’ve nothing to lose.

Every mistake is precious. Make more!

Breathe well, live with grace, ease the mind, heart opens.

Each moment is raw potential. Who do we want to be?

We can choose to live deep and rich or shallow and poor.

We are here to learn and grow, believe in an end to fear.

Where is your mind? Really! It is everywhere.

Live the mystery.

Life happens now. The present is all there is. Live there.

Loving relationships are the basis for a happy, successful life.

In a relationship explore your unity, don’t dwell on differences.

Wealth comes from a wise heart, not a fat wallet.

Enrichment, liberation, peace and inspiration, only comes in silence.

If you pray, pray for love.

Love grows where no one knows.

Without beauty, we are bricks.

Living without expectations means you’re never disappointed.

Everything matters, the tiniest details.

The more subtle we become, the more we feel.

The lighter we are, the more we see.

Be fluid like a wild river.

Fragrance is a memory.

Feel the electricity between us.

Forget yourself and remember bliss. The art of being,

There is no light without dark, or dark without light and someone keeps playing with the switch.

Learn in the dark, live in the light.

To be there for someone, just listen.

Between thoughts, disappear.

A moment of love reveals everything

Forget comparisons to others. There is only one you. That’s enough, that’s perfect!

Approach negativity with positivity.

Laughter is a sacred song,

Seasons are wheel, our life is a wheel, beyond that, bigger wheels.

On your tiptoes, see over the fence, glimpse the beyond.

In conflict, put a foot on both sides of the fence. See yourself in everyone. You’re there!

Each breath is a doorway, where do you want to go?

Everyone is an island until they taste the ocean.

The body is just a boat delivering us to another shore.

When you look at the stars, they know you’re watching.

Be an open hand, not a fist.

The ‘nightmare’ is our greatest teacher.

Try something new. Stay fresh.

Opinions are like a noose, choking free thought and free living.

We are all in prison. We are the prison!

Love has not boundaries, hate can only rise in ignorance.

Anger hurts both ways.

Our story is not written; you’re the dancer, the director, the set designer, the tea maker, the narrator, the star actor.

To believe in fate, is fatal.

Believe you can and will always change.

There is no ‘easy life’.

Our blood contains the salt of great oceans, our flesh, the dust of many stars, our mind, the infinite dreaming.

What comes, comes.

Don’t fight, don’t buy, don’t push, don’t think too much, don’t try.

What comes, comes. Then goes.

Nothing lasts, nothing is gained.

Only freedom matters.

Whatever your beliefs, leave room for love.

Words can be weapons or an embrace.  They cannot be taken back.  Choose them wisely.

Conflict is the spark of existence, the creator. Embrace it.

Everything we do is ego based. Without ego, we are not. Joy!

The ego is right in front, all the time. Face it.

Go deeper, then we know what is to be done.

We make our living by living.

Secrets are the fun part, leave them to enchant, let them work their magic.

No one really knows, if they say they do, they don’t.

The heart draws us from the mind to meditation.

Enlightenment is a ridiculous goal!

You cannot be bored. Nothing is missing.

Less talk, more listen.

The failure in life is wiser.

Know death, know life.

Life is perfectly simple and infinitely complex.

See the beauty in the ordinary and plain.

We only ever grieve for ourselves.

Our true nature is love.

Life is not here to be take seriously.  Howl at the moon.

This game is freedom, exploration, questioning, laughter, compassion, wisdom, contentment, health, dancing, sharing, meditation, teas, chocolate, trust, mischief.

Get out of your mind.

Dance on the edge, don’t fade away.

Be love, not fear.

Sometimes, the hardest advice to take is our own.

The burger is here.

With love, Lx

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Moonchild with the Sunny Eyes

Watching the night pass by the bus window,
A reminder of how bleak things can grow,
Under each lightbulb hangs a theatre of memories
And chaotic visions,
In the day we create, in the night we are created.

Here, where not one has fully let the light in,
We may believe that love saves but
Our many shades of love leave us wondering.

The distant piano drifts down from the dark and still house,
In it the lonely shiver of not knowing.
I saw the half gold moon fall past the crumbling concrete
And sleeping crows,
Felt the nervous stirring of the dreamers and the lost souls
Wrapped in blankets within their family of shadows.

Sins inflamed at the dead of night and yet
Somewhere, tucked away, we know there is singing
And dancing.

Innocence, we surrender beneath the arc of stars,
As the universe cycles through the spiralling fingers of trees,
Strength comes from knowing the lost and wandering,
Just another moonchild with the sun in their eyes.

So much of this becomes overgrown
As we all return to nature, rubbing ash over our bodies.
But looking into the night, the light inside tickles
And here I am, growing closer to dawn.

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The Bed Of Dying Man

Image of Camelot, from the Mabinogion – Welsh Mythology

Sat low at the bed of dying man

In a wicker chair made for one.

Resting on the walls of the black fort

Smokes linger from the burner

And we shiver far from warmth.


Images of you flicker in the fire

With the sun on your face

Gold grey and filled with grace,

Wondering where is god’s hand

In all this pain unraveling.


Outside robins sing for seed,

There is no gate only hinges

And a seasons passing whispers.

Colder breezes settle in

With unknown shivers.


No more creaks this winter

Or fears to stomach with gin,

Your waistcoat is well worn

And floral woven.

Crafted from fine oak beams

The cracks in your face show a deeper


As they burgeon with a new dawns light.


You are leaving this garden for good,

A flower returning to the womb speaking of

Unspeakable love,

As your noble heart murmurs briefly

In the sparkles behind your eyes,

No words are needed then.


You danced this merry dream

Wearing your soul on your sleeves,

Rolled up in aged orchards

And ever rolling on and on,

Just a ripple in the stream.


You marked this landscape

With your love.

Your impression was strong and true like

The noblest of footprints,

Like the grip of a woodsman

On the falling axe.


Your music left us

With your rocking chair still rocking

Which makes us cry

Because you sat there and read maps

And told tales.


Who rings that bell?

You gave more than you took

And shared your peace

Like a lamp shares light,

And loved each one as a brother,

Welcomed all to your fireside.


Oh merciful bow!

Brother you seek too much,

Reaching for broken arrows.

You were here too long,

Alas not long enough.


For Pete

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Did you find joy? – Ancient Egyptian Afterlife

Horus awaits in the Hall of Two Truths

Ancient Egyptians believed that upon death
they would be asked two questions
and their answers would determine
whether they could continue their journey in the afterlife.
The first question was, “Did you bring joy?”
The second was, “Did you find joy?”

~ Leo Buscaglia ~


The picture above depicts an Egyptian funeral scene. When you arrived at your reward in afterlife you needed a pure heart and the ability to recite formulas, spells and poetry from the Book of the Dead. If you passed, your ka (double body) and ba (personality) would go to the Kingdom of the Dead and the soul would dwell in the Fields of Aaru.

In the Hall of Two Truths (shown above) your heart was weighed against the Shu feather of truth and justice. If it was lighter you passed on, if it was heavier (with sin) it was devoured by the demon Ammut (he of crocodile head and hippopotamus legs).

The deceased must also face a panel of 14 judges to make account of their life.  The deceased will then be led by Horus to his father Osiris (the God of the Dead)

Egyptian life was inextricably connected with the belief that life continued after death, life was dominated by the Goddess Ma’at and different levels of good and evil were ever present within life.  Without these beliefs we’d have none of the ancient ruins and relics left by this awesome civilization which are mainly giant and elaborate tombs (the Great Pyramids of Giza for example).  Their believes in death have led us to understand much more about how they lived and opened a fascinating doorway into the highly advanced, ancient Egyptian world.

How much of our own lives, societies and cultures, are influenced by the traditions of Ancient Egypt?  Their Gods and death rituals worshiped and adhered to some 4000 years ago?  And poignantly, how much have we forgotten along the way?

But the greatest question remains “Did you find joy?”

For more information try the Book of the Dead, which is quite heavy going.

Here is a fascinating programme made by Graham Hancock, relating to Ancient Egypt and a lost civilisation, a golden age, some 10,500 years ago.  Just after the last ice age; giant pages of history unfolding before our eyes.  How lucky we are to be here now with all this!

Quest for the Lost Civilisation

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Anam Cara (Soul Friend) – John O’Donohue

Extracts from the book Anam Cara by John O’Donohue

‘We do not need to go out and find love, we need to be still and let love discover us.’

‘Love is the threshold where divine and human presence ebb and flow into each other.

‘Understanding nourishes belonging.’

‘In love you grow and come home to yourself. Love alone can awaken what is divine within you.’

‘Bitterness and coldness are the ultimate defeat.’

‘You are sent here to learn love and receive love, love will awaken hidden love within you.’

‘The place of love is a secret place, where only two people belong together.’

‘The more love you give away, the more love you have,’

‘Love is the secret rhythm of the universe, that moves stars and planets.’

‘Breathing takes you to the house of spiritual belonging.’

‘With music, time slips away, leaving the circle of belonging with the eternal.’

‘Touching brings you closer and closer, eyes distance you. We live in skin therefore we are always sensitive to the world.’

‘The sacred touch of sexuality is needed to engage our full human nature.’

‘Highest moments of human intensity, words become silent.’

‘You live and move on divine ground.’

‘Senses are our sacred thresholds, our body is the friend of our soul. Celebrate the universe, its mystery and possibility.’

‘No rock is the same, avoid ways of seeing and being which seek satisfaction in certainty.’

‘The quality of experience always depends on the rhythm of time.’

‘Sacred and the secret are sisters, don’t shine the light of reflection to severely on the soul. Awaken to the inner world.’

‘Individuality is the only gateway to spiritual potential and blessing.’

‘Do not force tormented transparency on the mystery. The glimpse is sufficient.’

‘Don’t try to expose the soul or offer it care, let the soul find us and care for us.’

‘When your soul awakens, your destiny becomes urgent with creativity.’

‘To be born is to be chosen.’

‘Mediocrity is a refuge from the call, awaken the sense of destiny, rekindle creativity, come into rhythm with your life.’

‘The soul loves risk, to change is to be perfect.’

‘The nature of work and consumerism diminishes the soul. You should never belong totally to any cause or system, the soul is the house of real belonging.’

‘With a fast pace life, nothing can stabilize, gather or grow. Each day is a microcosm of your life.’

‘The eternal home is within you.’

‘Perception determines the way that things will behave for you and towards you.’

‘Within every stone, there is a secret shape waiting to emerge.’

‘The only difference between a young person and an old person is time. In the autumn of your life, your experience is harvested.’

‘What you think, feel or believe remain a fantasy unless it is part of the fabric of experience.’

‘Oceans, waves, stars, mountains are remembered in mind with the same spaces between them, as if seen outside me.’

‘The human memory is an inner temple of feeling and sensibility.’

‘Mind needs to be as open as the night sky to comprehend the universe.’

‘Your body ages and gets weaker, your soul is getting richer, deeper and stronger. With time, the soul grows sure of itself.’

‘In death you lose the covering that was on your life.’

‘One journey through life, live life to the full, death will never have power over you.’

‘If you learn to let go of things, you learn to die spiritually in little ways during your life. When you let go a greater generosity, openness and breath comes into your life.’

‘Ego is a defensive shell we pull around our lives, if afraid it is threatened and grasping, very competitive and protective. Soul has no barriers.’

‘Life is a band of light between the darkness. All we do here is invent games to pass the time.’

‘Eternal life means, goodness, unity, beauty, truth and love are no longer distant from us but are completely present with us. You are home, with the infinite.’

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Rumi – I placed one foot……

I placed one foot on the wide plain
of death, and some grand immensity
sounded on the emptiness.

I have felt nothing ever
like the wild wonder of that moment.


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