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A Brief History of Lord Krishna – Delhi, April 2010

Firstly, a brief history of Lord Krishna and all things Hare Krishna.  This knowledge was all taken from my tour around the ISCKON temple Lord Krishna animatronic show.  Quite a sight, like a theme park ride meets a spiritual quest.  At one stage IMAX, the next a fairground ghost train.  The music was load (with many cymbal clashes), the narrator dramatic.  Fun.  I might add that Hinduism is equally fascinating, beautiful and complex.  These are some mere basics.  In no particular order or form:
Karma, the energy of reaction/ action,  a constant.  Karma not eternal, we can end the cycle of life and death, we can alter our destiny.  We can ascend to samsara if we live a devout spiritual life,  and join Krishna in a lovely looking garden (Guruhu), connected with all things natural.   Possibly on a swing.  We can also be demoted to an animal, plant or even worse a small particle.  Once we drop a level, it takes a lifetime to make up the difference.  The material world leads to temptation and many opportunities to sin.  We should aspire to a peaceful, simple life, free of wants and needs.  Full of love, family and god.  We must embrace spiritual realisation.

Krishna said practice yoga, become a yogi.  Through the mastery of hatha yoga, a yogi can transport himself to different spiritual planets.  They can meditate through the heart to Lord Krishna.   This is the ultimate goal in life.  “Stopping the wind with your hand”.

Krishna will help you if you seek him, otherwise he has the power to destroy all.  He is the white light, the space beyond the universe.  Krishna is in everything, he is everything.   Krishna in life was a naughty boy.  He was of the ‘milkman’ caste and was said to steal ladies clothes while they were bathing and look on.  It wasn’t until he recited the book ‘Gita’ that he became a mighty god.

Hinduism colourful, eclectic, ancient……..  I look forward to learning more.

This and many other things formed the basis of my discussion with Prithudas (next).

Radha and Krishna

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