From Rock to Pebble

Sunrise, The Ganges, Haridwar, 24/4/2011

A photo of some Kinnauri ladies triggered something here……….

If you travel to the Himalayas you will see many people, normally ladies, crouched by the side of the mountain roads bashing rocks with small hammers. They spend all day, many years, breaking larger rocks into smaller rocks. They then sell these rocks as rubble, earning a small amount of money per sack. They live by the sides of these roads, in magical places, under plastic roofs, breaking things down………

…..Life is controlled by our thoughts, they resemble shapes and form distinct patterns which fashion our behavior and subsequently our destiny.  But gather too many solid thoughts, become attached to one way of thinking, one groove, and our minds can become cluttered with piles of roadside rocks.

It seems wise to learn how to manage these odd, dusty forms that arise and crystallise; be it a thought, an opinion or a desire, maybe even an urge to take up golf!  Sit back and watch them for a while, see how they move, merge and block our way.  What a trickster!  This mind that would weigh us down.

These solid shapes are like great boulders that mark our path, separate us from nature and each other.  They are the gross forms interrupting our flow.  They divide.  The natural state of being is constantly hampered by an attachment to these fascinating, alluring lumps of nothingness.  What would we be without our opinions?  Who would we be?  We are drawn to them, deem them precious or integral to our being, when what we should really do is bash them up into little pieces and take up juggling!  Mix things up a little, try something new.  Break out of these ‘frames’ of mind and see the other side.

Our hammer is silence and peace, with a little focus and a lot of love, we can feel these lumps breaking down into manageable sizes and more fluid forms.  Their density becomes lower and finally, they melt away.   Like grains of salt dissolving into the ocean of our own consciousness, then real living can begin.

Mass means suffering, when it hits you, it hurts.  Mass seems so solid, no feeling there.  Mass is what the modern world seems obsessed by.  This material world that’s spinning out of control with no consideration for the rules of the game.  Many men, and women, wish to become more muscular.  Get massed up!  But why?  There are no nerves to be found in muscle.  Less sensation ensues.  Dullness is best avoided, not embraced.

Solid thoughts and emotions can be carried as unwanted baggage.  My Nana used to always say ‘Have you lost your marbles?’ when I did something slightly out of the ordinary.  I wish Nana!  I’ve been trying to get rid of them for years.  When we begin to let go of our grip on the physical world, of grey, mass-produced conformity (that is to say any notion of actually being in control of your life) people like my lovely Nana think you are losing your mind!  Truth is you probably are.  Good riddance.  Lets get mad.  John Lennon said that the ‘More real you get, the more unreal the world gets…..’

These ragged rocks will eventually scar our soul and pull us, then push us, towards states of confusion, despair, joy and fear.  Life feels like you’re trapped in a spinning washing machine full of bricks.  Who am I in this cage?  Am I the rock or the river?

We must whittle away.  Bit by bit; in a painstaking fashion with care and great love, using our inherent craftsmanship to make this boulder a smaller rock,  then an even smaller pebble and so on…..Then take that pebble and skim it into the perfectly still pond of the universe and watch the rainbow ripples flow.

The only thing is, we cannot free ourselves from the boulders and pebbles of life; just make them more manageable, lessen their impact.  After all, when you crack one stone, you make two!  We are stuck in a constant state of flux what a beautiful place to be!  In union with all things we are both the jagged rock and the ever flowing river and should wish for nothing more (or less).

“Be at one with the dust of the Earth.
This is primal union.”  Lao-tzu

This is the space of acceptance where I discovered some truths.  Let go for a while.  Felt free again to find my own understanding and power, there seemed no more boundaries left to cross, tuned to the energy which guides us through each moment towards faint memories of perfect harmony.   That time just before twilight and dawn, when the soul breathes and relieves life.  That witching hour where blues and oranges make love in the ever summer breeze.  Where we are free of burdens and pebbles in our shoes.

Find your love then follow it,

it leads to the heart of everythingX

Langcha Lady, Spiti Valley, Himalayas, India

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