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Science Fiction = Science Fact or Love / Happiness = Peanuts

The world as we know it just shifted on its non-axis. The building block of everything has altered, so says professor Frank Close on page 30 of The Observer (Page 30!) 25th September 2011.

E=MC2….. probably, possibly, maybe.  This is after all physics.  The great universal guessing game.  Its foundations now seem to be crumbling.  This alleged rational approach to it all.  Libraries of scientific books may need to be re-written.  Everything must be re-evaluated.  Again.  The life, the universe and everything…

They (them, bearded types) have discovered a neutrino (ghostly sub atomic particles) that travels faster than light.  The race was held between CERN and somewhere near Rome and probably didn’t make for a great viewing spectacle.  The newly discovered neutrino edged it, winning time 1/500th of a second over a 730 km course:

The Great Beam Race Results

Estimated speed of light – 299,792,458 metres per second

Estimated speed of neutrino – 299,798,454 metres per second

(Both shot through a vacuum.  Light is affected by obstacles, although neutrinos pass through earth completely uninhibited.  Ghosts.)

CERN don’t seem to have discovered dark matter or warped ‘reality’ yet, however they are staging some pretty amazing races.  Worth every billion.  Boys and their toys!  If these results are true, Einsteins theory of relativity needs a tweak.  Light came second.

To be fair to Einstein, he seems to be right up to one part in a trillion.  That is the equivalent of measuring the distance across the Atlantic ocean to better than a width of a human hair.

I like his theory of space and time being elastic (possibly) and every move, word, thought we make affecting it all (the vast universe).  Sounds strange, but makes sense.  It’s all ancient Vedic Philosophy and later Buddhism.

All that we are, say and do, affects everything else.  Thoughts are the seed of action and therefore create your destiny.  Thinking positively, brightly, is the key to it all.  From that springs positive words, action, vibrations all together equalling positive view or world.  Many +++++++++’s.

If we are thinking good things about it all, it all gets better, we get happier and eventually, with a gang big enough, the universe changes to a brighter shade.  Happy days (and you don’t even need to leave your hammock).

Einstein thought that time and space are fluid, intertwined, affected by our motion: the faster you move the slower you age.  I think, the slower you move, the faster it all moves around you and therefore you age slower, live longer.  Not just physical movements either (ie heart rate), thoughts, energy, words also have a profound effect.  Plants grow better when given love, talked to in soothing tones.  Water crystals alter when different sounds passed though them (see above), the more beautiful the sound, the more beautiful the crystal.  We all need a little more beauty in our lives.

With great ease, the ravaging fingers of time will pass you by.  Just look at country folk sitting outside the post office in villages, they have the sprightly attitude of a teenager, yet the bodies of someone far older.  I have met Buddhist Monks who look 30 years younger than their age.  No face lifts up there.  Just peace, love and a content approach to existing.

The lesson is, take it easy.  Very easy.  Relax a lot.  Well.  Don’t fret on the small things.  Sleep deeply and rise with a smile.  You’ll be forever young.

The mantra of ‘we know nothing’ (and bad guessers to boot) is helpful come a grey morning.  A great first thought to wake with, the rest of the day skims by, a mere ripple within a ripple of a thought on a cosmic ocean of profound emptiness and joy.  We don’t know do we, who needs to ‘know’.  We are it.  In these bodies and with all these magical thoughts, we never will have anything solid to cling to after all.  Until we are released.  Plop.

We need to re-think our relativity to things and each other.  With the earth, the universe and most importantly ourselves.  Not just faith in human intellect and complexity.  We are more sensitive than that, we have intuition, abilities beyond our understanding.  We are ever awaiting the next miracle to unfold.  Faith in simplicity is the way forward and we instinctively know the steps.

So light is not quickest and atoms are not the smallest.  Whats in between?  Whats the hurry?  Wheres the love?

Only nature knows.

Beauty and particulationsX

PS – The Observer Page 2 has a tragic story of an Indian freedom fighter Shela Masood, assassinated by them (they) who run this fiasco of a world.  Killed in her car, shot in the back of the head in broad daylight for speaking out against illegal mining practices and land acquisition in Madhya Pradesh.  Indias Chief Minister described the murder as ‘unfortunate’.  People all over the world, dying for what they believe in.  RIP Shela.

PPS – Physician joke:

Barman says “Sorry we don’t serve neutrinos”.  A neutrino enters the bar.

We have reached a stage where effects precede their cause.

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